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We Have a Problem
by Feech


        "We have a problem."

        "I think that's clear. It's been clear since the beginning, but there's the matter of the rifle groups and so on. It's as hard or harder to limit access to guns and bombs as it is to limit access to tobacco."

        "Agreed. But what can we do? If they didn't have the guns..."

        "Perhaps they would still be dangerous. But we can't assume that one or two people are the only ones with potential for violence. What we need to do--"

        "What we need to do is impress upon them that _this is unacceptable_. Children need to know. This is what happens when you make these choices."

        "That's right. They _must_ be shown. There's only so long and in so many places that we can limit what they will see or listen to or even do. We have to impress upon them..."

        "That's right. Impress upon our children that this is not acceptable behavior, ever. That shooting someone to death means they _die_, it's _over_. Our society just doesn't ever take it that far..."

        "That's right. You're right. I agree. They have to be shown that there are consequences to their actions. It's unacceptable to carry guns and plant bombs in schools. We need to emphasize this in our media releases. Let us impress upon the _parents_ that this kind of communication is a necessary step to prevent further tragedy. We cannot have this happening."

        "Right. Emphasize in our media releases that it is not acceptable to behave in this fashion towards others. If we don't start instilling them now with a sense of empathy, it will start all over again."

        "It always has. We just don't seem to get--"

        "It just doesn't sink in. We must push the message, this is not acceptable behavior. We must show them the value of life. Anyone's life. Their pain is another's."

        "Not all children will go to these extremes."

        "Of course not. We must tell them _all_ in _no uncertain terms_ that it does not end with the loss of one life, but goes on in the endless suffering. If we tell them _all_, and make it _clear_, then whether they are dangerous or can get guns or not the messages will be ingrained in them. They will not be able to do it without thinking."

        "We can only hope."

        "We must take _action_. This is what we must do. To tell them, this is not something we can accept in our country."


        "There is the matter of this second problem..."

        "Yes. It's all over the media about the latest bombing. Unclear numbers of dead and wounded, as of yet, but it's almost certain that most were civilian."

        "Of course, it's to be expected. When you require something to be changed, you have to expect there will be some violence. We must emphasize in the media that there are going to be these situations. We're doing the best we can, and changes are occurring. Progress is being made. We must be certain to praise the members of our military in their brave bearing of arms for this country."

        "We must emphasize the values we hold as a nation."

        "That's right. We must make it clear. We must impress upon the people that this is a necessary action."

        "We must _show_ that we will not back down on our insistence of human rights.

        "In a case such as this, I am sure we can all agree: these are acceptable losses."

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