This LTF thing didn't arise from the head of Zeus. Rather, it arose from the head of BlueNight, first, and then from the 21 members (and counting) of the TSA-Talk mailing list who have written stories in this setting.
  Of those LTF authors who have thus far responded to my announcement that I was going to create an LTF website, only one (RadioactiveLoner) has declined to grant me permission to post his story (The Road Less Traveled). C'est la vie, as the French are wont to say. That just leaves a whole bunch of authors who said 'yes', and I'll get them all HTML-ized and up on the site, thanks!

Joshua Badgley
Be Careful What You Dream Of

Waking Up
Jacqueline Hovey
anime-style dragon
The Same New Thing (rough)
The Same New Thing (final)
Bob Stein
Shire colt
Nag-ging Headache
Charles M. Bonanno
demented bystander
Quentin Long
Wholesale Alterations
Take My Rights -- Please!
Dreamer's Waking