BossHoss' vision of the Blind Pig

  From what I had gathered by the time I wrote my first TBP story, the Pig had been an actual speakeasy nearly a century before when it was a new building.
  With the repeal of prohibition, it became various forms of bar or saloon over the years since then.
  Now part of the SCAB quarter, it serves a new generation, the doors soon widened and modified -- for patrons too small/large or with no hands -- after some embarrassing incidents with customers unable to get in.
  I saw the place as fairly roomy for a bar, having opened up the speakeasy to the rest of the building and making that part the poolroom (with some ubiquitous video arcade games as well) and private booths, separated by a lattice wall.
  I also see the old payphone cubbies should still be present, even if upgraded to newer phones (Digital video-ready?).
  In the center of the combined spaces was the old show stage (an oval art deco dias), upon which sits Jack's piano, usually stated as a Grand (I would think a baby grand) It's anyone's guess if the piano was the original from the speakeasy and passed down from owner to owner, or if Jack DeMule brought it with him.
  Due to the often superhuman strength of the patrons, few items of the furniture would match due to accident or barfight. I see the walls are the average wood paneled ones seen in most bars, with the ubiquitous retro tin or neon beer signs, as well as photos of anyone famous who had ever come to the bar. Much of the subdued lighting comes from mostly original art deco sconces with standard light bulbs or white LEDs and stained glass shaded lights hanging from the ceiling.
  To me the oak floors are well scuffed by hoof and claw, but sturdy. Donnie would have ripped any linoleum in the place out with his bare hands after the first try at cleaning a spill... Hooves and wet linoleum don't mix.
  For a while, possibly into current time, Donnie opened a small family-oriented restaurant on the second floor, which I thought was accessible from a stairwell inside, near the front door. Likely using similar décor to the bar but a little off, down to family-friendly repro tin signs and hanging lamps with faux "stained glass" shades advertising brand-name colas.