Quentin Long's vision of the Blind Pig

  Blind Pig layout: I don't think anyone's managed to put together a good description of the place -- it may be a mystery on the order of exactly where The City is. That said, I can tell you what I visualize...
  The place is dominated by what I call the "common room". This room is big, maybe 30 feet by 60 feet, maybe bigger, with a few support posts scattered thruout the space. The lighting is good old incandescent bulbs -- flourescent lights have those damn 'ballast' devices which emit a 60-cycle hum that would drive most SCABS up the freaking wall, I think -- but they're not bare bulbs, they're safely concealed behind some kind of lampshades which diffuse the illumination. There are a number of different sub-chambers which border on the common room; some of these sub-chambers have doors for privacy, others are just open walkways, there might even be a beaded curtain or something. I don't know how this room is oriented, but for purposes of this description, let's assume that the common room's long axis points North and South.
  The bar itself, Donnie's 'throne', is in the Northeast corner of the place, probably along the East wall. The wall behind the bar is lined with bottle-crammed shelves, and the wall surface itself is mirrored. There are two doors behind the bar; one leads to Donnie's office, and the other, to the supply room. I think of those doors as being locked, but that can't be right because Donnie needs to be able to get into either or both at any time. Ah, well. There's a telephone behind the bar, but I don't have a clear picture of it -- maybe it's a wall-hung job, I dunno.
  The common room has a number of tables scattered about; some are round, some are rectangular, even square; the tables are clearly collected from a variety of mismatched sources. There's a lot of chairs, enough to provide at least four per table. Most of the chairs are recognizeably the same design/style, but there's a few mismatched chairs as well. The furniture starts out orderly when Donnie opens for business, but the layout gets increasingly random as the night progresses, since people will insist on pulling tables around. I don't have a clear image of the floor; maybe it's wood, maybe it's linoleum, maybe it's shag carpet, I dunno. Unlike a Norm bar, there is no smoke in the air whatsoever -- too many SCABs with oversensitive noses.
  There's a piano (upright, not grand). I'm not sure where it is exactly, but I visualize it as somewhere in the middle of the common room, not up against a wall or anything.
  There's also a jukebox. I don't have a clear picture of it; it might be in the Southwest quadrant of the common room, maybe against a wall.
  In the middle of the (short) South side, there's a sort of alcove -- it contains a couple of bulletin boards that are dripping with notices, some of them yellowed with age, and a few cheap vending machines that dispense candy & such. There is no door or curtain or anything separating this alcove from the common room. The Pig's front door opens into this alcove, and both sides of the door have a variety of handles to accomodate a variety of SCABbed 'hands'.
  The rest of the South side is taken up by booths (a table plus two fixed benches), and each booth can accomodate 4 Norms comfortably.
  The door to the bathrooms is in the North wall, closer to the West side than to the East side (not sure how much closer, sigh). And yes, it is a door, not an open walkway. When you open that door, you see a short corridor going North, with two doors (with worn brass plaques reading MEN'S and WOMEN'S) in the West side of this corridor. I don't have a good picture of this corridor -- don't even know whether MEN'S or WOMEN'S is closest to the common room.
  Also on the North wall is a door to the back room, a private chamber where people can talk without anyone interrupting them. There may be two of these back rooms, I'm not sure.
  There is a corner booth in the Northwest corner of the common room. There may also be 1-2 more booths with it up there, but I'm not sure about that.
  I know there's a dart board; maybe that's hanging off the North wall, but I don't have a clear picture of where.
  The public telephones (i.e. pay phones) are off in a little alcove on the East wall, close to the Southeast corner. This alcove has a half-door; it dampens the noise from the common room a little, but does not actually conceal the presence of phone-users from anyone in the common room who wants to look in that direction. There's maybe four phones, maybe fewer than that. I see them as wall-hung, with little wooden panels projecting out from the wall to provide a semblance of privacy for the callers. I see an end table with a badly worn copy of the Yellow Pages on it.
  There's at least one pool table. I see it in a side room, to the West of the common room, with a nice wide opening -- pretty much anyone who cares to, can look in on the pool table(s) at any time.
  There's a secondary room, not small but also nowhere near as big as the common room, along the East wall. Nice wide opening, no door. The Southern end of the bar sort of loops around so that Donnie (or whoever) can take orders from whoever's in there and still stay behind the bar. I think the Strikebreakers rehearse in that chamber ("the Strikebreakers" being an all-SCAB band entirely made up of Pig regulars).