Michael Bard's postscripts to A CENTAUR IN A HUMAN'S WORLD
Toronto Centaur in Critical Condition
  Michael Bard, the "Toronto Centaur" (a victim of the mysterious event that occurred Jan 23) was admitted to Toronto Western Hospital with critical leg and chest injuries. These injuries occurred when he was struck by a speeding vehicle Tuesday evening in a crosswalk on Caledonia Rd., north of St. Clair Ave. W., while saving an eight year old girl from being the victim. It is not know whether or not he will recover. Sergeant Roy Disero of Toronto police traffic services said officers are consulting with the Crown before they lay any charges against the driver.

Letter to the Editor, Globe and Mail, Tuesday January 30, 2001
  What is this city coming to? Sure, we practice equality, but there are limits. So what if this centaur "accidentally" kicked somebody? Even if it was "accidentally", then what if he "accidentally" kicks someone off a subway platform and in front of an oncoming train? Is "accidental" murder acceptable? I have nothing against him, but then I have nothing against horses either. And we don't allow horses on the TTC for safety reasons. Not because we don't like horses, but because they are big and strong and can "accidentally" kill somebody.
  I don't want to be killed, "accidentally". Do you?