by Britini Rios

  For the record, my name is spelled B-R-I-T-I-N-I, though it's pronounced the same way as Spears'. I get that a lot.
  Anyways, there's nothing really special about me. I'm a high school drama actress, I have a boyfriend named Crow, and I have a TF and a TG fantasy. The TF is my favorite, it's my "Britini-chu" furry form that a friend drew for me. I suppose that some people must assume that I'm deranged or something, when they see me stalking around wearing cat ears and a rhinestone collar with a little bell. But I've found that the accessories make the ever-present little daydreams more vivid.
  Now, as for Tuesday at 2pm EST; I was in my pre-calculus class when the world-wide transformations took place. The look of surprise on the faces of Ms. Long and the stuck up student council girls as I would have sprouted a tail, ears, fur and whiskers would have been great. Unfortunately, there was no shock, no need for concern. Alas, I did not transform. I was not on the TSA list.
  At the end of the uneventful school day, an hour after all of the transformations had taken place, I got a ride home with my boyfriend. Tuesday also happened to be the date of our last dress rehearsal before our show You Can't Take It With You opened. Because of my involvement in the play, I wouldn't actually hear about the TFs until Wednesday morning.
  First: Home. There was a package waiting for me from Mike Brotzman. Mike's a nice, sweet college boy on the East Coast, but we've kept in touch for almost two years over MB's, e-mail and telephone.
  "Sweet," I proclaimed, and opened the oddly wrapped box containing a shiny CD-R. Mike was good to me; the disk contained some great MP3s, furry art and some dragon/TF stories. I got online, but I didn't see Mike, so I wrote a short note of thanks. Then it was back to school for 8 hours of theatrical hell.
  As I admitted, I didn't hear about the TFs until the next morning. I was at school, 2nd period, watching the Channel 1 News. A Chinese proverb about changing faces came on the screen, and then Wil Monestine appeared. Wil said something that was drowned out by the wrestlers that sat across from me. I sighed. Then the screen cut to Brit Hume, who appeared to be interviewing a lizard-man. An awkward quiet lull overcame the class as we watched the edited version of the interview.
  People transforming? "Yes," said the human-like lizard. "I believe that it has something to do with the Transformation Story Archive, or TSA, e-mail list." The TSA list? Didn't Mike mention something about TSA last night? Did other people transform?
  Wil came back on. "At this point, it's still unknown how many people have been affected by these sudden transformations. There haven't been any common factors between the known transformations, as of yet. New transformees were still being discovered around the world at our deadline. If you think an animal might be a transformed human, ask him to perform a simple task, like humming."
  Wow. I sat back in shock. This was freaking cool. People really transformed in their tracks, for no apparent reason. I wonder what it was like, to be transformed into the animal-creature in my head....
  Wait, why did others get to be transformed, and not me? Wasn't I special? Aren't I a great advocate of literature and Internet and transformation and furry art? Wasn't I as worthy of becoming my fantasy cat-girl as the guy who got to be an anthropomorphic lizard?
  I fumed for a moment as the news program finished. My second period happened to be AP Junior Social Studies/American History. Unfortunately, I shared the class with a group of upper class, right wing, and blunt-headed jerks, which automatically pointed out the dangers of sharing society with 'freaks'.
  "Don't you have any idea how weird, and awkward those transformed people must feel? Everything in their lives has already changed without people like you barging in and trying to restrict them." Sigh... my good deed for the day.
  Because of my play, I didn't really get a chance to pay attention to the news for the next two days. What finally caught my attention came on Thursday. I was online at Crow's house, before a 5 o'clock call time, signing myself onto the TSA list. I wasn't yet fully aware of the list's role in the TFs. Besides, I know lightning's not supposed to strike twice. Even though TSA did appear to act as a lightning rod. Then I found a piece of news that tied everything together for me.
  Mike Brotzman had turned into a silver dragon. Mikey, my Mikey had gotten his wish of becoming a dragon. Oooooh! I was... so... jealous! There, I said it! Why did Mike get to have his long wanted dragon form, and me not my feline form? And Mike... he was all alone up in Connecticut, without any other dragons to play with. I laughed as I read the news article further: Mike was the subject of much medical testing. Poor thing, I wonder if I could give him a call, or if his calls were being screened for him?
  Well, serves him right, the stupid jerk. Imagine him turing into a dragon like that and not telling me about it. Hmph.