Jaggerz's Guide to Being a Feazox
Version 1.0 (Last updated January 29, 2006)

Feazox Terminology:

Common Name:

Scientific Name:
Vultela zulnata

Full Taxonomy:
Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia, Order Carnivora, Family Felidae, Genus Vultela, Species zulnata

Collective Name:
a "skangz" of feazoxes.

Feazox Appearance:

As an example, this is what Jaggerz looks like:

Jaggerz is a feazox, a close relative of the feasox, but strictly non-anthro. He has the same big black nose and long pointed tail and ears, but his fur is black with hot-pink spots and stripes. His spiked green hair is, like his ears, paws and tail, tipped in pink. The fluff of his belly and ear tufts is bright aqua, and his eyes a brilliant blue. Offsetting his sinisterly sharp fangs and the jagged tear in his right ear is a huge 14k gold earing in the shape of a peace sign. To add to his bling, he wears a shiny red collar decorated by a large golden "J".

So yeah! We're totally super-kewl looking. =)

Feazox Likes and Dislikes:

Of course we love being feazoxes... after all, we're extremely rare (usually there's only one of us in the universe at a time) and are far superior to all other forms of life. We are very proud of what we are, and are quick to defend ourselves when people say bad things about us. *nodz*

We're very ticklish. So beware... some of our enemies might try to use that against us. However, as long as it's done in an affectionate manner then its not so bad...

And we really like to pountz, as a greeting or just for fun. (A general rule of thumb is that as long as you can get away with it, there's nothing wrong with amusing yourself at the expense of others). Pountzes also work well as a means of revenge and retaliation. We find that the effectiveness of pountzing is greatest when accompanied by a ZRRRR!!!

Poking and batzing others on the nose is fun too. =)

Balls are great. We love playing with anything that's round and bouncy and roll-able.

Without a doubt, cheuwing and libbling on things is one of our favorite habits, especially when performed on other individuals. Remember that ears and tails are the most cheuwable of body parts. Unfortunately, a certain level of restraint must constantly be maintained, otherwise the cheuwed-on party may stop cooperating (to maximize enjoyment, you must always be aware of what the limits are!).

Finally, we like being hugged and snuggled, and we especially love being carried and cuddled. Cuddles are particularly good when its time for sleep. =) And we aren't afraid to demand them either, cause we deserve lotsa cuddles. Pettings and scritchies are great too, and paw massages are especially nice. And remember, affection is like presents... more fun to receive than to give. Only give if it will result in receiving!

Feazox Expressions:

When happy, we zurrrr. To really get it going, we *RUMBLY ZURRRRRRRRRRR!!!*

When sad or begging for something (such as a hug) we rhimper, poutz, or in extreme cases, criez. Kirling into a little ball also works very well. Remember, we're extremely cute and adorable, so use that to your advantage!

Now, neowing is a very useful tool. That's something we sometimes do spontaneously when we feel like it. But more often, we neow when we say hi and bye, and more importantly, when we want attention. For emphasis sometimes itís necessary for "NEOW!!!!!"

There are many other ways to demand attention from people (we like attention). In addition to neowing, we can poke, tug, and of course, cheuw, libble, or even knawl on them. Byting also works, but only as a last resort. =)

Nuzzling works well for getting attention too, and along with the zurrrrr, nuzzles can also be used to express affection. Nozing works here too. Oh! And let us not forget about skwirming. We not only skwirm to ward off tickling (kirling-into-ball is also an effective tickle defence), but it is also a great technique for attention-grabbing and getting an upgrade from being merely hugged to being cuddled.

Additionally, our ears are very sensitive, both to touch as well as to our emotional state. The less happy we are, the more folded they are, and when at our most giddy and smiley they can be totally straight. While this happens on its own, we can also conciously control our ears, and so this is yet another tool that can be used to exaggerate our desires.

Combo moves:
All the above techniques are at our disposal, and they can be especially potent when used in combination. For example, the libble/kirl-into-a-ball/"NEOW!" combo is a much more effective means of demanding a hug than any of the methods alone. Then, once a hug (or perhaps even the coveted cuddle) is obtained, we can follow that up with the ear-perk/ZURRRRR!/nuzzle combo to express pleasure and gratitude while also reminding the subject that further hugging is expected.

Unfortunately, sometimes all these techniques don't work out properly and itís necessary to express discontent. When that happens an emphatic ZRRRRRRR!!! is good. Byting works here as well. ZRRRRRRs and byting may also be used to intimidate or show defiance.

Final Feazox Note:

Finally, the most important thing about being a feazox is that we enjoy it. Although we can be serious when necessary, and are even prone to worrying too much, we are generally easy going and have fun with being what we are. =)