GeneTech Laboratories




          As I walked down the empty corridor, my footsteps echoed, disturbing the eerie silence. You’d think that I would be accustomed to seeing these halls empty by now. I had been working at the GeneTech Laboratories, Equine Division, for five years and had always come in this early. I guess the vast emptiness was something the human mind just couldn’t get used to. It felt like when you were in school, after you’ve been held after class, those once familiar halls become alien in the loneliness.

        I was headed to Central Command, as we call it, or the head office. There I would pick up the previous day’s reports and this day’s assignments. Considering what we do at GeneTech it is surprising how normal the office is. Just the ordinary collection of workers, secretaries, and management types, doing what any office would do. Of course, my work was a little different then average.

           I nearly jumped when I saw Wendy sitting at her desk diligently typing away at her IMac. She was the boss’s secretary, and had been as long as I had been here. She wasn’t usually in this early, however.

        “Hello, Wendy.” I had to laugh when she nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound of my voice.

        “Damn it, Sean! You scared the Hell out of me!” She was panting, truthfully frightened.   

        “I’m sorry, Wendy, I didn’t mean to. I’m not the only one here; didn’t you see the night crew? Or security?” I asked. I hadn’t seen them.

        “Yes, I spoke to them an hour ago when I came in. You know they don’t hang around Central. What are you doing in…” she looked at her watch. “At 6:30?”

        “I could ask you the same thing. I always come in this early, always have. So why are you here?” I asked, curious to see why she was intruding on my alone time.

        “Michael and I had a fight last night. I needed to distract my self.”

        “I’m sorry. I’m sure you two will be fine.”

        “Thanks.” While Wendy had been here for a long time, she was surprisingly young, and was still a newlywed. She had married Michael a few months ago.

        I was pleased to find that Wendy had started the coffee maker, which I usually do in the mornings. Pouring my self a big cup, I spoke.

        “I wish I could help you, but I’m not much for relationships. You ladies here are as close as I get.” I said it jovially, but I was truth.

        “It was nothing really. One of those newly wed tiffs I suppose. He wants it doggy style, but I…”

        “Whoa, whoa, whoa, like I said, I’m no expert. Maybe you should speak to someone who understands a little better.”

        “You’re still a virgin, Sean?” She asked, leaning forward, interested in gossip. I chuckled. “I didn’t say that.” I quickly changed the subject. “I’ve got to get a new patient. I finished Natasha Rosmanov. The auctioneers picked her up yesterday.”

        “That reminds me, Dr. Murdock (my boss) wants you to work with Nancy on this next job.” Wendy said as she went back to her typing.

        This was new. I’d been working by my self since my first year. Nancy had been here for four years. I didn’t know her real well, but I know she was very competent. I was worried and confused.

        “Why? I thought the Rosmanov case went well. Was it the Holmes case? I had no way of knowing she had a heart defect. Besides I saved her. She’s on a ranch in Montana.”

        “Calm down, Sean. You were picked because of your skill. This is a high profile case. Dr. Murdock wanted a lot of expertise on this. It needs to be done perfectly and Dr. Montoya and you are the only ones here with perfect transformation records.”

        “Really,” I calmed down, “Who is this then? Run-a-way pop star?”

        “No. Debra Johnson.” I had no idea who that was. Wendy saw the confusion in my face.

        “It’s Senator Richard Durbanks’ niece. She’s been a bit of an embarrassment to the Senator. Debra’s been in and out of rehab for years. She’s even been picked up a few times for possession and once for dealing. Guess he’s up for reelection, and wants to keep her quiet.”

        “Hmmm… does her immediate family know about this?” I asked, wondering how much media this might get.

        “Her father, the Senator’s brother, arranged the whole thing. The Senator himself is paying for it. Mother might be problem but we can handle it. Her husband died, a drug over dose, five years ago.  Ahh, here’s her file.” She handed it to me. I thumbed through it.

        “Has she been picked up?”

        “Abduction Team picked her up last night. She’s in room B-42.”

        “Okay. I’ll go right now.” I said and began walking down the hall. I wanted to get right to work.

        “Hey! Remember, you can’t do a thing until Dr. Montoya gets here.” I grumbled and waved back at her.

        I found entrance to ‘B’ block, and went down it to find room 42. This was only the second time I had worked in ‘B’ block. Most of my work was done in ‘A’ block, which was by far the most used. The lab had four blocks, each with a different security level. ‘A’ was for average, everyday people, such as run-a-ways, illegal immigrants, prostitutes, and the occasional volunteer. ‘B’ block held people of interest, Debra Johnson for example, and prisoners from minimum security prisons, your white collar criminals, if you will. I had done some work in ‘C’ block. ‘C’ block was reserved for the more dangerous criminals. Drug dealers, gang members, and the normal prison riff-raff you think of as the normal prison population. I have never worked in ‘D’ block. Our ‘D’ block hadn’t been used in some time, only once or twice. It was held in reserve for murderers, mental patients, and recently terrorists were added to the list. There were rumors that the Canine Division was very busy with terrorists. It was said that they produced bomb sniffing dogs. Turning the poor bastards against their former comrades, but I guess the government doesn’t have a need for a lot of horses.

           I found room B-42 and entered. Each room was actually a combination of two rooms. The first one you entered was a small observation room, with a huge one-way mirror taking up nearly the entire wall. This wall also had door to the subject’s room, where Debra was. Opposite that wall was a wall that held a pair of TV monitors, allowing the doctor to get a 360 degree view of the patient. In the center of the room, a small table was surrounded by four chairs. This would allow the doctors to have small conferences about a certain subject. It also allowed us to get more comfortable and have lunch while observing the patient.  

        I came to the gigantic mirror and looked in, eager to see my new pony. She was still out cold, and was lying on the tiny bed tucked in the corner. The bed was the only piece of furniture and it was firmly bolted to the floor. Every wall in the room, except the mirror, was heavily padded, even the ceiling. A large door, also padded, was in the wall. This allowed the subject to exit in their altered state. The floor was coated with a thick layer of rubber. It offered a lot of traction for hard hooves and it prevented the patient from hurting themselves.

        My new patient was lying on her stomach. Her platinum blond hair covered her face. She wore a bright pink tube top and a pair of incredibly tight, black leather pants. She was also bare foot. I couldn’t see a lot of detail through the mirror, but even from here I could see heroin traces up and down her arms. It looked like she had been clubbing when the team picked her up.

        I looked at my watch and found it was only 7:15. I went back to the table and began reading Debra’s file more closely. I skipped over the abduction details since Wendy had already gone over that. I went to her statistics, vital for what we were going to do.

        NAME, Last: Johnson

          First: Debra

    AGE: 25

    GENDER: Female

    HEIGHT: 5’ 8”

    WEIGHT: 120



TIME OF ABDUCTION: 2321, 04/12/04

    NOTES: Subject seen injecting Heroin approximately one hour before abduction. Also, subject ingested large amount alcohol prior to abduction. Subject may have had intercourse approximately one hour before abduction. Recommend tests for STDs.

    Abduction Team #114, Team Captain #456

    It looked like she was the typical patient. Most were social outcasts, with chemicals running amuck in their bodies. The heroin could wreak havoc with her metabolism, which could kill her, as the alcohol could. STDs could be a problem with future mating and I didn’t want to sterilize her, but if she had a disease, the transformation would allow the human infection to attack an equine population. GeneTech wouldn’t allow an owners herd to become infected.

I read through the rest of the report, most of it technical mumbo jumbo. I had just finished when the door opened and Dr. Nancy Montoya entered. Nancy was an extremely attractive woman, with light brown skin and wavy jet black hair.

        I stood up. “Hello, Dr. Montoya.” I said.

        “Hello, Dr. Lancaster.” She smiled. “Do you mind if we drop the whole ‘Dr’ thing? It’s easier to use first names.” She said with a gorgeous smile.

        “Of course, I was about to ask you the same thing. Did Wendy tell you about our little project?” I jerked a thumb towards the girl. “Here’s the report, by the way.” I slid it across the table to her.

        “She told me why Ms. Debra was taken.” She said as she glanced through the report.

        “I think her body has detoxed enough that we can start.” I said. “We can talk to her at least. From what I see, the standard T-691 serum will do just fine. Unless of course she has herpes- What am I saying? You know as much about this as I do. I’m not used to having a partner. I’ve worked by my self since training.”

        “Me, too. It seems like training was ages ago. Do you want to start or shall I?” She asked.

        “That’s fine.” I watched as Nancy entered them room. She pulled the pneumatic injection device out of her lab coat. After injecting the stimulant into Debra’s neck, and a few moments later, Debra stirred.

        “Debra? Are you awake, Debra?” I heard this on the speakers in my room; the other was sound proof without the microphones.

        Debra groaned, “Wha duh hell-hic-happened?” I could tell by the way Nancy held herself that Debra stunk.

        “I’m going to ask you a few questions.”

        “Go-hic-to hell.” Debra set her head back down.

        “Please, Debra…”

        “I said fu-fuck off, bitch.”

        Nancy’s reaction surprised me. I didn’t know she could be so aggressive.

        “Listen, you drunken little whore, you’re going to answer my questions, I’m going to take a blood sample. Got it?”

        Debra sat up as fast as she could, it was obvious that her hangover was painful. Debra adjusted the tube top and stuck her arm out. Nancy cleaned her arm with iodine and inserted the syringe and drew the blood.

        Nancy came back to the door and gave the warm blood sample to me. I carefully placed on the table and went back to watching Nancy.

        “Strip.” Nancy said firmly.

        “What? You some sorta dyke? I ain’t doing nothing for you.”

        “Take your stinking clothes off and lay down on the table. I’m going to give a full gynecological exam, flea bag.” Debra looked shocked. Nancy gave a nasty glare back.

        Debra pulled her top off. The dirt that covered most of her body covered her breasts as well. Her drug habit hadn’t allowed her breasts to develop, so while they were perky, they were also quite small. Nothing like the beautiful pair Nancy had.

        When Debra stood up, Nancy had to hold her arm or she would fall over. Unfortunately, the laces on the crotch were far too complex for Debra’s dulled mind. Nancy tried to do them but she had to hold Debra up. Nancy sighed and called out.

        “Sean! Can you help us?”

        I rushed in as fast as I could.

        “Get these laces, will you?”  Nancy asked.

        I undid the laces and pulled the leather pants to Debra’s knee. It was difficult. They were tight and her sweat made them stick to her. And god, did she stink. Her stench was a vile potpourri of body odor, stale beer, cigarettes, and she reeked of cheap marijuana. Nancy must not have a gag reflex, because I was battle dry heaves.

        I stood up and helped Nancy to lay Debra on the bed. Nancy kneeled at the base and pulled the necessary equipment out of her coat.  I tried to keep my eyes on Debra blank face. I may be a doctor, but I’m still human.

        Nancy must have seen my discomfort with Debra’s scent. “So, Debra, when was the last time you decided to bathe?”

        Debra gave a nasty smirk. “I washed my hair in a gas station sink a few days ago. I don’t need to be clean to get laid. My body’s too damn good.”

        Amazing what alcohol can do to the male mind. I wouldn’t touch with a biological suit.

        Nancy finally ended her examination. We both quickly left the room. Nancy began sucking air.

        “God! We should do something about that stink!” she gasped.

        “Ha! We’d need a fire truck to get that off. We can take it. Let’s get this over with. Anything obvious with the exam?”

        “No, but I think she has crabs.” I took the radio off my belt. “Lab? Lab, this is Dr. Lancaster. Anyone there?”

        “Hey, Doc. What do ya need?” It sounded like Mark, a lab runner.

        “Hey, Mark. I need thirty ccs of T-691, fifty cc’s of STD-14, and a STD kit.

        “On my way, Doc.”


         Nancy sat down while I paced. We didn’t have to wait long. Mark was always fast. A knock sounded at the door and I opened it. Mark, a young blond haired man entered.

        “Hey Dr. Montoya, Hey Dr. Lancaster.” He said in mock respect, it was his way.

        “Do you know about Debra Johnson?” Nancy asked.

        “Sure. Everybody does. Give the swabs, please.” He took them and quickly worked the STD kit.

        “Okay, doctors, the babe’s clean, but here’s the STD-14” He held up a bottle. “Crabs, huh? Had those once. Nasty buggers.” He pulled out the other chemicals and loaded the injection devices. When he was done he handed them over to Nancy.

        “Mind if I watch?” Mark asked.

        “Have you seen it before?” Nancy asked. “It can be pretty intense.”

        I spoke for Mark “I’ve let him watch before. He finds it a little erotic, don’t you Mark?”

        “Hey, man! Be kind. I find it… invigorating. Please, Nancy, even Dr. Murdock lets me watch. He say’s that I may be able to become a doctor myself.”

        “Alright, just don’t get in the way. Let’s do this Sean.” She got up and walked into Debra’s room, I followed close behind.

        Debra looked up from her fetal position when we came in.

        “What do you sons of bitches want? Let me outta here! My uncle’s a senator you know! I’ll have you exiled!”

        “The senator is why you are here, Debra.” I said coldly.

        “What!?! I don’t believe you! A FBI team going to break in at any minute!”

        I chuckled “Believe what ever you want, Debra. It doesn’t matter. Are you ready, Nancy?”

        “One-hundred percent.”

        “Do it.” Nancy had quietly snuck to Debra’s side. She placed the device to Debra’s neck. A tiny whoosh and the first of the injections were in. In shock, Debra spun around, flinging a fist at Nancy. Nancy was far to fast, she easily ducked. She ran to her bed, her only sanctuary to her mind.

        I took her by her by her shoulders. She screamed and kicked out at Nancy. She nearly slipped away, but I managed to get her in a bear hug. It was very difficult to hold the smelly, nude woman. Still screaming, Nancy managed to inject the other compound. Within moments, Debra seemed to begin feeling dizzy. When she had calmed down enough I set her on the bed. Nancy and I quickly left the room.

        “That could have gone smoother.” I said somberly.

        “Maybe.” Nancy said. “It would have taken hours to trick her, or talk her into it.” She glanced at the window. Mark was pressed against it. He giggled morbidly.

        “It’s starting!” He pointed at her. Nancy went to the window, while I went the TV monitors.

        Mark was correct. Her fingers and toes had begun to darken. Her butt was held in the air, giving me a good view of her vagina. It had begun to darken and change shape. I could see a tiny nub start to grow above her buttocks, the beginnings of a tail.

        Nancy came to my side.

        “She seems to be doing nicely.”

        “Indeed. I think she’ll be fine. We’ll have to call the auctioneers. She’s changing quickly.”

        Nancy sighed and quietly spoke. “Mark is… rubbing himself.”

        “Well, I find it pretty exciting myself.” Nancy grunted and went back to watching.

        Her tail was a good foot long now and twitched when Debra begun to stir. She raised her head and looked around, dazed and confused. She hadn’t noticed her changes yet. She sniffed the air, obvious to the fact that it was a new instinct. She looked down, her eyes widened when she saw her hand, nearly hooves. She stood, stumbled over her changing feet, and came to the mirror. She pounded at it.

       “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!” A long whinny escaped her lips. She fell down, her abdomen swiftly gaining mass, throwing off her balance.

        Nancy giggled when a loud, ripping fart came over the speakers. She blushed when I looked at her with a smile.

        Debra managed to get to all fours and stumbled about, grunting and snorting. She was a fantastic sight, her neck having grown long and graceful, her forming a muzzle. Of course, she needed to gain several hundred more pounds.

         Nancy and I were both pleased when she lifted her blond tail and released a long stream of urine from her cunt. This was a sign that her body was ejecting the toxins from Debra’s partying.

        Debra rolled on to her back and began scratching herself, or least trying to with her hooves. A dense coat of palomino fur began to cover her body. She pawed at her migrating breasts, quickly becoming functional equine teats. Her snorting, grunting, and neighing grew more panicked. Loud farts exploded from her body, her body was rejecting the human waste, unable to process it. Her bowels evacuated.   

        The last parts of her humanity faded as she gained mass. Her muzzle filled out. Her rump grew in beautifully. Debra’s hooves hardened and other minor details were attended to. She sniffed the air, a new instinct that would be joined by others. There were many, tiny changes that would take at least two weeks to complete, but we could sell her today safely.

        Mark spoke first. “Wow. She’s perfect. A beautiful palomino filly.”

        “Yes,” I replied, “Let’s check her out, then you can take her to the stables.”

        We all entered. Debra was still a little unstable, her mind still learning. She backed into a corner, the whites of her eyes showing in terror.

        Mark managed to slip a halter on her and Nancy inspected her hooves, making sure they could carry her safely. After that was confirmed, Mark took her out the large door, down to the stable. Nancy sighed, and announced that she was going to take a shower. That sounded like a good idea; maybe she would let me take it with her.




        I would find out some time later that Debra had sold at a good price. The senator’s family was very pleased with the results, at those who knew. From what I understand, Debra’s mother had wanted to call the police, but her father had convinced her that they were better off and Debra probably didn’t want to be found.

        I found out that Debra had been bred, and had produced a gorgeous filly that was spitting image of her mother. The breeders were pleased with the results.