GeneTech II:







        Hello, again, from GeneTech Laboratories. I’m Dr. Sean Lancaster from the previous tale. I hope you don’t mind if I tell another. A rather interesting event happened recently and I’d like to tell my part of it. From the prior narrative you may have gotten the idea that what we do is legal and fully indorsed by the government. While the government does use our services, if we get in trouble we’re on our own, they won’t recognize us and we will be fully prosecuted. So it is imperative that we keep the operation secrete and keep journalists, private investigators, etc… Out. 


        It had been a slow morning so far. I had come in early as usual, and finding that I had no assignments, so I finished some paper work. It only dulled my boredom slightly and it didn’t last long. After that I fiddled around in my office, rearranging pencils and such.

        I jumped when my intercom clicked on with a loud buzz. I was busy reading the ingredients on a candy wrapper, so I was edger to find something to do. I hit the button and answered.


        “Hello, Dr. Lancaster here.”

        “Sean, this is Greg. Please get to room D-1, immediately.” It was Dr. Murdock, my boss.

        “I’ll be right there.”

        This made me a little nervous. I scuttled out the door, wondering if I could even find the entrance to ‘D’ block. I never had been down there, the area with the highest security in the entire building. It was built better then most prisons and was meant for extremely dangerous people. People I had never had to work with before.


        I found the entrance faster than I thought I would. It was in the blandest part of the building. The door stood out against the stark tiles and off white paint. It looked to be made of stainless steel. It took me a moment to realize how to get in. A key card slider was next to the ominous gate.

        My key card hung around my neck, it doubled as an ID. I had never the card, so it took me a moment to find how to use it. I slid it through and strange clunking noise emanated from the door. Then it rumbled open and in the first time in my career I saw the ‘D’ block corridor. It was easy to find room 1; it was the first one on my left. There I found another steel door and another key card entrance.

        I entered and was surprised to find the room full of people. The vast majority were security guards. I found Greg Murdock speaking to a guard. Greg was about 50 years old. He had a full head of hair, though it was graying slightly.  He was a big man, nearly a head taller than I, almost two of me wide, but it was not fat.

        He was speaking to Bill Ryan. Bill was the head of security, a short, powerfully built man. He looked a more than a little ticked off. I came to the two, waiting for them to notice me.


        “Ahh… Sean, thank goodness you’re here. It seems that we had a little break in…”

        “What! This babe ain’t some ding bat teenager lookin’ fer goodies, sir! This is a serious breach of security! I want full lock down of the entire building, sir. No one gets in, no one gets out.” This is obviously Bill Ryan.

        “Bill, we have three abduction teams out side right now, we can’t lock them out.” Greg seemed to be trying to get Bill to calm down.

        “I don’t care. I can sweep the building in three hours. If they come back in that time, they can huddle in the parking hanger.”

        “Fine, sweep the building.” Greg answered, tired of arguing.

        “RODRIGUEZ!” Bill yelled “Get the boys ready. Sweep the building! If they don’t have an ID, haul ‘em in!” With that the room was emptied, leaving Bill, Greg, and myself.


        “What’s going on, Greg?” I asked.

        “We had a breach.” Bill answered for him. “This babe jumped the fence and got into the Records room before we got her.”  He seemed very unhappy.

        “Luckily, Wendy walked in on her and called security. Bill brought her in here. We don’t have any idea who she is.

        “And you want to TF her.” I filled in.

        “That’s the protocol. I’d like to get more info, however. You and I can interrogate her.”

        “Whoa!” Bill heard that. “I’ll do that.”

        “No, you won’t. You can stay in here if you like. You’ll scare the Hell out of her. We don’t need that.” Bill backed down, angrily. Greg turned to me. “Come on let’s see what we can find out.” With that we walked in the other room.


       This was the first time I had seen our new patient. She sat on the bed, tucked into the corner as far as she could. She was curled up, hugging her knees, for some sense of false security. She wore a black sweat shirt and black sweat pants. She also wore a black beanie, her dark hair tucked into it. Greg obviously wanted me to take the lead; he leaned up against the wall, giving me free rein.

       I decided to take the direct route. “What’s your name, ma’am?” I said it firmly, but politely. She glanced at me, barely acknowledging my existence. This is going to be difficult.

       “My name’s Sean Lancaster. I may work here, but I’m not your enemy. I’d like to know your name. It will make thing much easier for everybody, including yourself.” I got as close as I dared, and looked her in the eyes.

       “Meagan” She mumbled, barely intelligible.

       “Okay, Meagan, do you have a last name?” She just gave me a dirty look; it scared the hell out of me. I sighed and tried again.

       “I’d like to know why you are here. If it was just a misunderstanding, we can let you go with a warning.” I heard Bill gag and slam his fist against the one-way mirror. Of course, I was lying. I hated lying to her.

       She looked at me, her eyes had softened. It tore at my heart. I tried to think of something else.

       “Well, do you have a last name, Meagan?”

       “My name is Meagan Rodgers.”

       “Ahh… Thank you Miss Rodgers.” She uncurled herself a little.

       “I don’t mind if you call me Meagan.”

       “Okay, Meagan. You can call me Sean.” I made a bold move. I pulled her beanie off. Her long, beautiful brunette hair fell around her pretty face. At this point she completely uncurled herself, exposing her body. The sweats couldn’t hide her excellent figure. Perfect in size and shape, her breasts completed the ensemble eloquently.

       “Well, Meagan why are you here? This isn’t a safe place, for anybody.” I said.

       She sighed, “I’m an investigative reporter for the National Enquirer. I’m trying to find out what goes on here. Why so many people disappear.”

       I was shocked. Our abduction teams were supposed cover their tracks better than that.

       “How do you figure? Who’s been disappearing?” I asked

       “The taking of embarrassing family members of important people is what put me on to this place. Then I realized hookers and transients of neighboring towns were disappearing. That’s when I decided to follow one of the kidnapping teams. That led me back to here.”

       “Ahh… Well I can tell you nothing stra-”

      “Don’t give me that bull shit. I’ve seen dozens of people dragged into here. The only things I see coming out are horses, donkeys, and the occasional zebra. I don’t know if grind them up into food or something, but something odd is going on.” She gave me a hard look, obviously going into her journalist mode. I look back at Greg. He nodded his head


       I turned back to Meagan. “We turn them into horses.” I said with a very straight face. Meagan raised an eyebrow and looked as if she were about to laugh.

       “You turn them into horses? Did I hit my head or something? Or is this Candid Camera?” she had a weak smile on her face. She was worried about her sanity, or perhaps ours.

       “I’m dead serious. We are hired to eliminate certain individuals, in a slightly more humane way than other means. I could prove it to you in numerous ways. But, unfortunately, you are trespassing. That means you are going to find out in the most direct way. You, yourself are going to be transformed.”

       She broke out laughing. When she sees the seriousness in my face she stopped.

       “You really are serious aren’t you? You really have lost your mind. God, I was starting to like you.” She gazed back down to her feet.

       I smiled and pulled the injection out of my lab coat’s pocket.

       “Here it is. We called it T-691. It’s the latest, and so far the safest of the serums that we use. It’s a mixture of chemicals, viruses, and DNA.”

       “No. I bet it’s some sort memory eraser, or something in that department.” She said defiantly.

       “Believe what you want, the truth is the truth. T-691 will do what it supposed to, whether you believe it or not.” That took the wind out of her sails.

       “What if I don’t let you give it to me?” She said, still defiant.

      I sighed. I really liked this girl. Perhaps in another life. “As you can see Dr. Murdock is a very large man. I’m no lightweight myself. And there’s our head of security behind the glass. By himself he could keep you immobile. So, we can do it the quick easy way, where no one gets hurt, or we can do it the hard way, in which you get hurt.” I gave a weak smile. She looked into my eyes, seeing I was very serious.

       “This is all the truth, isn’t it?” She began crying. “I just wanted a big break! I wanted to be seen as a real reporter. Not some tabloid joke. And you’re going to turn me into some stupid beast! God, what did I do to deserve this?” I heard Greg snort. I ignored him.

       I sighed. “I’ll tell you what. We’ll use T-456.”

       Greg jumped forward. “No! Sean, no, we can’t do that.”

       “I’m sorry, Greg, we can’t lose her.”

       “She’ll have a human mind in the equine world. It won’t work.” Greg was getting worked up.

       “I’ll care for her my self. Understand? My care.” I said it firmly. Greg looked me, searching my face for weakness. There was none there.

        “Fine, Sean, dig your own latrine, but you’ll use it.” I nodded and looked back at Meagan. I heard the door open and close, meaning Greg had left.

       Meagan was still sobbing, it broke my heart. “What is this T-, T-whatever.” She managed to get out.

       “T-456 allows the subject to retain their mind, although it does implant some essential equine instincts. Or would you rather be fully equine?” She seemed to cheer up.

       “And you would take care of me?” She asked.

       “Of course, you could say I’ve taken a liking to you.” She smiled at me. God I would miss that smile.

       “I must warn you, Meagan, T-456 takes much longer, and it can be painful.”

       “If you must do this, then I want to do it this way. I guess I’ve taken a liking to you, as well.” She placed her hand on my thigh. Oh, how it tore at me!


       I left the room, my heart thumping, my knees wobbling. Why hadn’t met this girl somewhere else? We hadn’t even spoken that much, but seemed to be connection between us, intangible but strong.

       “Are you sure about this?” Greg asked. I looked up at him.

       “Yes. I can’t explain it. Don’t worry; I can take care of her. My place has a few acres; I can keep her there for a while. Well, Bill, you’ve been awful quiet.”

        He sighed deeply. “It’s my job to keep the building safe. I don’t really care how you guys do it, just so long as it’s done. And it seems like it’s done. Do what you like, but I’m leaving now. I saw a change once, and I don’t want to see it again.”

       “I’ll leave, too. This seems to have affected you somehow, Sean. I’ll make sure the lab sends some T-456 here.” Greg also left the room.

       I was alone now. I watched Meagan through the mirror. She had curled herself up again in the corner, tears streaming down her face. I sighed and went back to the table, trying to think of something else.

       It didn’t take long for the lab assistant to come. It was Marvin, an older man and very quiet. He simply handed serum over to me. Marvin never was much of a talker, he communicated with nods and shaking his head most of time. He pulled the door shut and went off to do whatever it was he did.

       I came to Meagan with the serum. She looked up at me; it looked as if she had stopped crying.

       “You know,” She said, “I have to admit, I’m kind of looking forward to it now.”

       “Really?” I asked.

       “Yeah, I’ve thought about it and I really don’t have anything to live for.” Meagan said, surprisingly cheerful.

       “Oh, life hasn’t gone that badly for you, has it?”

        “My dad was a raging alcoholic and died of cirrhosis when I was four. Mom lost her mind after that. Sleeping around, drugs, god knows what else. I managed to pull good grades in school and got a scholarship, mostly because I was so poor. The Enquirer hired me after I had worked at a couple of gas stations.”

       “Then you did well in college?” I asked.

       “Yeah, decently well. I had to… Ahh… pull some strings to get to the Enquirer.

       “Oh… So you want to be a horse?” I asked a little surprised.

       She shrugged “Why not? Life’s a bitch; why not get a new one?”

       “Well I guess you have a good look out on this.”

       “Sean, do you know what I’ll look like?” She asked.

       “Not really. The breed we use the most is Arabian, but other than that I don’t know. We know that your body uses the natural pigments of your body. You’re dark haired now, so you’ll be black or a dark brown.”

       “Okay, let’s do it. Put it in. Where do you want it?” I placed the serum injector to her neck and pulled the trigger.


       She winced, more from natural reflex than pain.

       She slowly opened her eyes. “That’s it?” She said a little surprised.

       “That’s it,” I answered, “It might take a few minutes for the first signs to show.”

       “So now we wait?” She asked nervously.



       We didn’t have to wait long. Within fifteen minutes Meagan began complaining of an odd feeling above her buttocks. Her tail had begun to form. It began as a small lump in between her ass cheeks, but it was amazing how fast it grew in.

       “I like it,” Meagan said as she swished it about, “it’s pretty.”

       She gasped as her rump grew in, her sweats stretching immensely tight. She tried to pull them off her self, but she was losing dexterity in her hands. I pulled them off, and then quickly cut her panties away with a pocket knife. As she lay gasping on the floor, I couldn’t help but look at her nude lower half. The lips of her vagina had begun to darken with patches of black hair growing around it. A loud ripping fart broke the silence.

       “Oops…” She squeaked.

       “Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. Your gastrointestinal tract is changing.” Just as finished speaking a louder fart broke out. With both began laughing.

       “Why don’t you take your shirt and bra off?” I said, “Bras can be awful.”

      She sat up and took her shirt off. It was hard to disguise my erection now. I nearly exploded when she asked me to take her bra off for her. With trembling hands I undid the hooks and let the undergarment fall away.

       “They’ve gotten smaller.” She stated.

       “When was the last time you saw a horse with boobs? Look at your crotch. You’ll see some teats soon.” I answered.

       “Wow! There they are!” She begun poking and pinching them. Her beasts were nearly gone. Her human nipples were nothing but faded dark spots.  She began groaning as she played with them.

       “Hmmm… it’s like I’m playing with the old ones. Oh! How convenient! So close to my cunt!” She began masturbating. I was ready to myself.

       “You know, you won’t be able to reach them.” I said trying to calm down.

       “Here,” She trusted her pelvis at me, “you’ll need practice.”

       Shocked, I looked away.

       “Come on,” she pleaded, “I need it bad.”

        “Oh, all right.” I said mockingly. I knelt between her morphing legs and began massaging her aroused clit. She moaned pleasure, writhed in ecstasy.

       “That’s it! Ohheeeeeee.” I looked at her face after she broke off into the whinny. Her face had pushed out; her teeth had grown into the vegetation chompers that she required. Her ears had grown and it appeared that her jet black mane had begun to grow in.

       After several minutes of pleasuring her, she finally had an orgasm.

       “Oh, Sean, ‘hat was greah.” She panted for a few moments. She looked at her hands. They had grown into the first semblances of a hoof. She just stared at them.

         “Meagan? Is there something wrong?” I asked.

       “Ah, yeah, I knew I was going hu change buh it didn’ really sink in hill now.”

       “Your feet are changing. In fact, your lower haft is nearly all horse, just a little smaller, for now.” She looked her self over, feeling herself, or at least as best as she could with her transformed hands. Suddenly she moaned and wretched. The skeletal changes were becoming more dramatic. I had to cover my ears when she neighed in pain.

       “I’m sorry, Meagan.” I watched as her chest ballooned, neck lengthened, her body came to its proper size. Jet black hair enveloped her changed body. Soon, she stopped writhing. She was a horse now. She lay panting, trying to catch her breath. She grunted and stood, launching her body. She stumbled a bit, trying to find her balance.

       “Are you all right? Nod your head.” I got enthusiastic affirmative. “Why don’t you walk around a bit, get used to yourself.” She stumbled a bit to begin with, but soon she was quite capable.

       “All right lets go to the stables and then it’s on to home.”




       Some months later I was checking Meagan over. She was pregnant and we were expecting at any moment.

       “You all right, Honey?” She nodded her head yes. We had gotten to communicate very well. That’s how I knew it was alright to breed her. I she had actually broached the subject. It had been difficult to watch as she enjoyed her fucking from Ben. And, yes, Ben was one of our transformees. I had borrowed him from one of our customers. Of course, I had come very able to pleasure my little black pony.  

       “Looks like everything okay, Baby. Ring the bell when feel it coming on, okay?” She nodded her head.  After making sure the stall was clean I went inside to take a nap.


       I woke up with a start when I heard the bell ringing. It took me a moment realize what it was in my stupor. Once it hit me I darted out to my stable.

       I found Meagan lying on her side. I was surprised to find that the baby was all ready half way out. I appeared everything was doing fine, so I let nature do its thing. The little foal was a light palomino, like his papa.

       Everything did go fine. Soon, Meagan was licking her child clean. It was one of the greatest moments I had seen. I stepped into the stall.

       “What would you name-” I looked to see its sex, “her?”

       Meagan scratched out a name in the dirt. It read Heather.

       “Perfect. Our little filly is named Heather.” I stated, proudly.