Matthias's Musical Compositions
The pieces are organized by instrumentations

Works for Solo Piano


Works for Strings

  • String Quartet No. 1 in D Minor

      My first attempt at a String Quartet, it is set in two movements and is based off a simple three note motif stated at the outset. I followed no models, but there is a strict order imposed upon the flow of the music.

    1. Allegro Moderato
    2. Grave con Tremolo

  • String Quartet No. 2 in A Minor

      A freer and less constrained piece, this second work for strings evolved out of the germinating sense of urgency in the first movement to the calm passiveness of the second, to the restless frenetic energy of the third. No program was intended

    1. Vivace
    2. Adagio e molto Cantabile
    3. Lento - Allegro Marcato

Works for Brass

  • Arched Etudes for Trumpet Quartet

      A simple study based once again on a three note motif. This work has been played by an actual Brass Quartet, but has yet to be performed publically


Works for Concert Band

  • Homage to Dohnányi

      I wrote this piece in a span of two weeks, Spring 1998. It is based off of three themes, all related to one another. One of the themes comes from Dohnányi's Passacaglie in Eb Minor, and an excerpt of that has been transcribed for Concert Band.

  • Strike the Earth, Thunderous

      Despite its claims, this piece is only three and a half minutes long. This work has actually received a public performance... if only it had been taped!


Works for Orchestra

  • Game

      A short experimental work, much of the material for this has been appropriated into the Homage. I intend to continue this series of short pieces that remind me of the flavor of video games.


More to Come Soon

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