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As I am constantly on the look out for both new and unfamiliar composers, I often have to rely on the opinions of others as to what recordings are of good quality, and what the composer in question's general style consists of. I have discovered several very fascinating composers in this fashion, taking recommendations and giving them the benefit of the doubt. So I have decided to share my own experience with those of you interested in starting your own classical music library. Since the recording label can make a great deal of difference, I've decided to organize my reviews by label first.

This is a work in progress of course. Reviews will be added over time as I manage to write them up. In the meantime, keep a watch on the To Go part of each bloc, and hopefully, it will count down instead of up!

I have devised the following system of colours to emphasive how strongly I recommend a particular CD or musical label.

MaroonBest of the best, an absolute must have.
RedHighly recommended. Seriously consider buying this.
GreenA good release, worth buying if you have the chance.
BlueA decent selection, though not a riveting one.
VioletThere are some serious problems with this recording.
BlackDon't buy, it is not worth the price.
ClearUnranked, for one reason or another.


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21 Reviews
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Deutsche Grammophon

5 Reviews
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8 Reviews
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Hyperion Records

8 Reviews
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0 Reviews
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