Chapter Three, Page 4

A verminous eye leaped towards the Acordian; Grignr grabbed the furry monstrosity on both sides, pulling the rodent apart while twisting it's head with a counterclockwise torq. "That's the last time I take Firkyt's name in vain" he swore, being showered by a stream of gore. Hundreds of rabit mouths looked on, the ferret's maws foaming at the spit encrustationed oral cavity. "Ho. No respect for the old religon in these parts, the pagan dogs! They noticed I was not adorned with the scared planar hatof Ferkyt, did they not?" he querried to himslef whilst smitting the rodents with furious thrusts of his glittering tw-ohanded sword. "Time for ancient ferrite charming trick I learn old kermit wile hunting in Yrkshor"planned Gyrgnor, grabbing the linear cap from his head whilst taking a final swing with his heafty sword

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