TUTlish Words and Phrases


Fieldian slip:

1. Similar, but more general than, a Freudian slip and probably not that revealing about the persons subconscious - other than they've a sick mind. The perpetrator is usually Matified about the comment.


1. The act of spraying some form of organic matter from a persons mouth, after a well timed (normally humourous) comment.


1. A deliberate and normal blatant innuendo. Despite sounding like some 'new age' religion, Julianism is not a new way to live your life; except for one person perhaps.


1. The situation were a object is too far away to politely reach for it, but too near for it to be viable to stand up and get it.
2. Also used just to mean general apathy towards doing a (physical) action.


1. The state of being complete oblivious to an innuendo, when all around have noticed (and usually creased with laughter.) A case of Matification is usually quite hard to correct, careful explanation is normally necessary by which time the humour has normally emigrated.


"Nooooo, that's impossible!

Taken from 'The Empire Strikes Back' and exaggerated out of all recognition. Use is as the phrase suggests and normally accompanied by reaching out in slow motion with a suitable look of horror on the face.
Occasionally followed up by "Search your feelings, you know it to be true" in an imitation Vader(TM) voice.

"Search your feelings, you know it to be true"

The follow up to "Nooooo, that's impossible." the follow up line from the same film.

"That reminds me of something"

Julian's method of warning the general population that he's about to recount a disgusting and, at least vaguely, smutty story. There's probably some law requiring him to do this for the general well-being of the country.

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