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Found on the cheaper package holidays to Tahiti. Due to a lack of fresh bodies, they are a composite reminiscent of Frankenstein - the head, arms etc belonging to different corpses. They stored their 'lives' in green cherries around their necks and ceased to be animate when we 'took the sailors cherries.'

Winton, Christian:

Benny's brother and police informant on Allerton. Christian helped the party to escape from Allerton's Boston house after giving us a copy of a map found in Allerton's private rooms.
After the wand re-entered Allerton's possession, Christian was caught spying and fearing for his life staged a brake-in to take the wand. Christian was stopped by Allerton, who proceeded to torture him until the police arrived on the scene ("I was defending myself and he fell into the fire"). Christian later died from his wounds after corroborating Allerton's account of what happened in a police statement - in private telling us a different story.

Winton, Benny:

An ex-servant (slave) of Allerton's who originally stole the wand and escaped. He moved in with John at Eynsham and was hounded by cultists, pretending to be KKK members. He sent the wand to Tahiti and was apparently murdered shortly afterwards.
Benny's brother, Christian, was also a slave of Allerton's.


An experienced traveller of the dark path we met on a strange planet (or perhaps a familiar planet in a strange time?) He was trapped after losing his router. Warwick was one of the original American settlers in the mid 18th century, but is now at least 150 years old due to time travel (although not aged.)
He had apparently met prof. Hargreaves a hundred years in his personal past, but our near future, in desperate circumstances. Apparently all the party had gone insane and imprisoned while trying to stop the 'great resurrection.' A great 'war of nations' raged during this. Perhaps this is a reference to WWII, but this seems a bit far in the future - the professor would be pushing seventy.
Warwick showed a certain lack of morality in mugging a Brent-onian and depriving him of his clothes. We doubt that he has connections with Allerton, but anything could happen.


A stick, about a foot long possessing some incredibly weird powers. As with the mask, a far more comprehensive account of our encounter with it can be read in the campaign write-ups. The wand was in the possession of Allerton, stolen by Benny when he first escaped and hidden in John's house. When Allerton's cultists came looking for it, Benny sent the wand to Tahiti before he died (presumed murdered, but with little physical evidence to back this up.) Allerton intercepted the package and the wand was again stolen, this time by Benny's brother, Christian - a police informer on Allerton, after he was uncovered.
Christian died a bloody death by Allerton's hand, but was wand was taken to a secret location by accomplices, who where discovered in bizarre circumstances attributed to the wand. It is currently in possession of the investigators.

Tome, Book:

Bloody dangerous things that should never see day light. All of them have sinister origins and a deplorable musty smell hanging around them. Tome contain material which leave most investigators several sanity points shorter then before. Sample tomes include the 'Necronomicon' and 'Lieber Ritualis.'

Tattler, William:

Our mysterious benefactor, now probably dead. He was initially approached by Allerton about the mask, which lead him to start his own investigations and getting Arnold Witticker to work towards it. He therefore put us on the trail and has given us aid, but several questions remain unanswered such as: How did he know we didn't perish when the ship to Tahiti disappeared (reported in the paper) and also that we'd reappear in America rather than Tahiti?
To his credit, Tattler left several helpful items, including a tome and some much needed cash to help finance our investigations, after his dead - presumed murdered at Allerton's order.


Home of Benny's family and were he attempted to send the mask. The package was somehow intercepted en-route by Allerton. The investigators never actually made it to Tahiti, getting caught up in the dark path instead.


Tattler's and then our faithful shofer, perhaps a bit annoyed at us continually getting blood all over his nice clean car, but otherwise a nice guy. Sadly no longer with us, going 'missing' (dead) after waiting with the car on a trip to some caves near Boston.

Slimy, Fishy things:

Inhabitants of the tunnels under Eanston port. Humanoid with fish like heads, squat but extremely powerful. Slimy, fishy things is, of course, the correct rendition of deep-ones.


Known for going all oily as we enter the dark path and generally giving us a quick clue as to whether we're close to our own bit of the universe or not. The sky also contains stars, we dread the answer when we ask "Do the stars look right?"

Screw Driver:

The king of tools, Jeremiah Hawthorn always carries one around in his pocket (he put it in there during an early adventure and forgot to take it out) The screw driver in question has a black handle and a removable shaft with Phillips on one end a standard bit on the other.

Router, Compass:

A strange sphere taken from the first ship we 'travelled' on. It helps navigate along the dark path but is relatively useless in the ordinary 3 dimensions (from experience trying to navigate a boat using it.)
Warwick used to have one, but lost it on a strange planet we briefly visited - we guessed towards the end of time when most of the stars had extinguished.

Resurrection, Great:

An event sometime in our near future, hinted at in what we know of the mask ritual and what Warwick told us. Apparently the world will break out in war and we'll all go temporally insane. Lovely.


The rectory in Eynsham was the one time base for the investigators and also the scene of Arnold Witticker's "suicide". Its has a secret alcove in the study and now apparently a portal into the dark path in the master bedroom - presumably not formed properly since we couldn't actually exit the dark path through it.

Puchaka, {Fish}:

Puchaka is word for fish amongst the natives of an island we were ship wrecked upon during our first voyage. The native had some grudge again large metal puchaka, or nuclear war-heads as we call them and took this anger out, with a large club, on the nearest specimen - which happened to have crashed on their island towards the end of WWII. The resulting explosion probably wiped out their sterile civilisation and gave the prof. some nice melenoma's to go with his instant tan.
The island was also the location of a gateway to the dark path.


Largely corrupt, being in the pay of Allerton. A small group of officers exist, who despair at Allerton's control and attempt to gather evidence against him - evidence which tends to disappear or get shot in custody.
Inspector Faraday is our contact amongst this element, so his life expectancy is that of a hedgehog in the fast lane of the M1.

Miskatonic University:

A well respected university of old (for America) foundation, most noted (from a Cthulhu point of view) for its large collection of mythos tomes, currently under viewing restrictions by order of Dr. Henry Armitage.

Mask, Chieftain's:

A ritual mask found at an American-Indian grave site by Stanley Wingate. It was only big enough to fit on a child and the workmanship was strange for America, the symbols etc apparently African in origin. The mask has many strange properties, including giving a strange sensation to those who touch it and under some circumstances changes form and has addition powers - read the write-ups for session(s) 14 for more details.
Wingate tried to cover up the masks discovery and hid the mask, eventually being buried with it at Brent.

Lieber Ritualis:

A little gift from Tattler - a mythos tome containing 'a curse to all land dwellers.' Written in 13th century Bohemia and currently being deciphered by Jeremiah.


A very dangerous place to be, since its full of books and some are bound to induce sanity loss or at the very least lead to events that will. Old libraries, containing even older books are the worst (take the Miskatonic UL for instance.) And have you seen the way librarians look at people, their eyes following them round the room - the stare saying 'we know more than you. ' You see librarians like books, especially old musty tomes - what more evidence do you need of cult involvement.


A friend of Benny's who sheltered him after he escaped from Allerton. He owned a house in Eynsham and eventually summoned up 'the devil' after Benny died (probably murdered) being hounded by cultists, disguised as KKK thugs. John later died after giving us a strange book and clues which led us to the wand.


The characters we play, investigating mystery outlined in the campaign write-ups. The current party of investigators compromises:
Dr. Jarvis Jones - Doctorate of History and an English gentleman.
Prof. William Hargreaves - Visiting professor of Archaeology at Miskatonic Uni. and holds the Rider Professorship in the subject at Cambridge University, England.
John Aintree - A (stereo) typical American private eye.
Rev. Michael Peters - Roman Catholic priest and until recently replaced, rector at Eynsham village. Father Michael currently lies in a coma after a nasty accident in Africa.
Jeremiah Hawthorn - Bookish antique shop owner (shop now ashes) and more than a little antiquarian.


The second most useful survival device, next to the swiss-army knife. It has a myriad of uses, including a rather original way of purifying salt water... The less said the better, although I'm sure we could be tempted to right an essay on it.


A quiet village near Arkham and the Rev's parish. Used for a while as the investigators base until after one spell in the asylum too many meant that Rev Peters was removed from his post and the rectory. Allerton was probably behind this, as a portal to the Dark-Path has appeared in the rectory's master bedroom.
Eynsham was also the place were John lived and sought the party's help after being hounded by the 'KKK' (actually cultists, after a wand which John's friend, Benny Winton stole from Allerton.) This prompted a absolute massacre of cultists by the PC's and then police by the cultists which strangely didn't get reported despite around 10 casualties - the long arm of Allerton pervading our every action.


A coastal fishing town inhabited by slightly disfigured people, they are excellent fishermen - according to one wit 'No wonder their so successful (at fishing) when they look just like the catch.' (bulging eyes and slight malformation of the skeleton.)
Eanston is also the site of a strange church, built in a completely different fashion to the other churches of the same period and oddly proportioned even for the era it was trying to imitate. The alter is made of the same wood as the book-mark the party found and the crypt is perhaps stranger. The entire underneath of the town is riddled with massive caverns leading out to sea, the church crypt been coated in an unknown greyish black rock with green veins, which match perfectly across the joins.
These caverns are swarming with slimy, fishy beings (humanoid with fish shaped heads, squat and reeking of rotting sea life.)

Dark Path:

Warwick's name for a region of space unconnected with time, where people can travel as ethereal 'spirits' in space and time. Accessible by portals dotted about. Portals currently known included:
Brent church tower.
Eynsham rectory master bedroom.
Possibly Allerton's rooms in Boston.
A cavern under Eanston between the church and hotel there.
A small island, destroyed c. 1946 by a nuclear blast.
Some planet in the far future.

Cthulhu Mythos:

Term coined by August Derleth to cover the myth cycle created mainly by Howard Philip Lovecraft. It takes its name from the god-like entity Cthulhu (Cuth-oo-loo is one pronunciation) who is the most worshipped of the 'great old ones' on Earth. It must be stressed that there is no concept of morality attached to the GOO's - morals are a human invention to stop us comprehending the soul-less abyss that is the universe. Such labels should as good and evil should not be attached to them, although from our subjective (temporary and flawed) view-point we would label them evil.
Cthulhu is current 'sleeping' beneath the waves in his temple at R'lyeh, trapped when the continent containing his city subsided a long time ago. He will be back 'When the stars are right.'


Worn around the neck by crew-members on our first voyage abroad, zombie sailors should be enough to put anyone off foreign holidays. The cherries apparently stored the life force of these zombies and the soon split into their component bits after having their cherry taken.
Given experience of sailors in our groups one-offs, taking sailors cherries may have a far more sinister double meaning...

Caves, African:

A set of caves in Africa, which contain painting telling of a ritual involving the mask and wand. It tells about a great resurrection. Unfortunately, as of this date, we haven't arrived at them yet so I can't be more specific.


A small village a day's journey from Arkham and resting(?) place of Stanley Wingate - discoverer of the Chieftain's mask.
The town's folk are extremely apathetic, due to the mask's close presence we theorised on historical evidence. Although they didn't regain any signs of independence after it was taken away. (The mask been hidden in Wingate's grave until we decided to dig it up.)
Brent church is also the location of a portal into the Dark Path.
Brent is apparently very important in the campaign, so I guess we still haven't finished with it.


The nearest city to Arkham and base of Allerton. The investigators seem to spend far too long getting shot at and recovering from bullet wounds inside the city limits and were last seen buying copious amounts of shotguns, crow-bars and other small necessities.
Allerton's house is in Boston.

Book Mark:

Not your average book mark, but made of a strange wood which none of the party recognise: pale, almost white. It was found in the Rev's secret cubby-hole along with Arnold's body. Since the book obviously didn't match the bookmark, we've theorised that the book belonging to it is in fact the very book which drove Arnold insane; no probably in the hands of Allerton.
The alter in the queer coastal town of Eanston is also made of the same wood.

Arkham Plot Device:

The local newspaper, an on going campaign joke due to the amount of news we get about Allerton's movements from it.


A town in New England and setting for many of HPL's stories, a witch-haunted place of many centuries, were black mass is still celebrated on Walpurgis night. Most of the investigators came from around the Arkham area and all have lived in the locality for many years. The town and surrounding villages was the setting for many of our earlier investigations, although the campaign has now moved to a more international flavour.
Arkham is also the location of the Miskatonic University, with its enviable collection of mythos tomes and other forbidden books.


Boston cloth exporter and nasty bastard. Up to and probably beyond his elbows in eldritch ichor. Known to keep illegal immigrants as slave labour in his factories and as domestic staff; although most of the police department is in his pay, so I don't think this'll be appearing before a court.
Both Christian and Benny Winton were slaves at his house and provided us with plenty of information about his goings on - apparently he has private apartments which even his bodyguards aren't allowed to enter.
Allerton is probably the campaign's arch villain, otherwise known to us as _Mr_ Big Cheese, or Mr Cheese for short.

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