Rag Dungeon Plans

The Rag dungeon is an annual event run by CURS in aid of Rag. Members get sponsored to do 24hrs of solid role-playing (as if you didn't do that every other week in anycase.)
For this year, the Tentacles are running it and have decided to do something completely different -
This years 'Rag Dungeon' will be based in the late 1930's, just before the outbreak of WWII. Hitler has started his annexations and, although Britian has yet to start re-arming, war is beginning to look inevitable - Europe is already being split into two factions.
Your government (British, if that isn't obvious from the context) needs information after rummours of a Nazi plot to wipe out the majority of the British population before they attack (Blitzkrieg is more effective with few opposition) - the plot is probably a chemical or biological threat, perhaps contaminating the water supply.
The players will be split into five groups, each working in a different part of the globe (the Nazi threat is very diverse) - communicating with the other groups through base in the UK.

As you can see, this years 'Rag Dungeon' has a plot (TM) and in a break from tradition, the different groups will have to cooperate in order to win - no one group will be able to win alone.
A years planning has gone into this, so please come along and support Rag.

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