Easter '96 - Session 12

12. Voices from Within

 ---       VOICES FROM WITHIN       ---
 ---            (14.6.96)           ---
 	As you recall, we'd just had a recap for the previous two terms
scenarios; given the length of time since we'd last played, a recap of the
recap was in order.
	After this brief interlude, we bought a copy of the 'Arkam Plot
Device' and discovered that there'd been a break in at Allerton's house -
two men, one escaped with a medallion and the other seriously injured
during a struggle and now at hospital in police custody. Wholes being to
appear - the guard dogs didn't notice the two burglars. The curator of
the Arkham museum was also quoted. We decided to investigate.
 	Asking guarded questions at the hospital, we discover that the
injured man is none other than Christian Winton (the servant who helped us
escape from Big C's house) and felt that the need to investigate further
was necessary.
 	Against all instincts to the contrary, we decided to split the
party - Prof. Hargreaves enquiring at the museum, John Aintree and Rev
Peters at the hospital and Dr Jones, with Jeremiah Hawthorn, 'guarding'
the mask (now concealed cunningly in a fruit bowl.)
 	Prof Hargreaves discovers that the museum curator actually knew
Christian and is 'on our side' (Given the complete concealing of the
Eynsham massacre, the police department or factions there of, is not.) The 
curator has a brother in the police force who isn't in the pay of Allerton
and he has been trying for a long period to get Allerton on charges of
slavery. Allerton has been sponsoring archaeological digs, getting 
people to look for specific items - the curator doesn't believe the 
medallion exists. A large proportion of the police is apparently in the pay of
Allerton. Prof. sends telegram to the hospital:


 	Meanwhile, Jeremiah and Jarvis get a knock on the door. Deciding
it could be the IRS, we thought it prudent to hide under the table and
wait for them to leave. Unfortunately the IRS have changed tactics and
proceeded to batter down the door and point a gun in poor Jeremiah's
direction. By this point Jeremiah was hiding behind the sofa (like a bad
episode of Dr Who) and Jarvis behind the door.
	After a few near misses and down right cock-ups, one cultist lay
bleeding on the floor and Jeremiah had been shot again - I believe he's
now planning to sell himself to the recycling industry, he has an uncanny
habit of attracting lead. The other cultist thought now would be a prudent
time to make a break for it, a course of action blocked by Dr Jones. After
a quick grapple, the cultist pointed a gun at his temple and did a pulp
fiction (the car scene - although Jarvis did attempt to KO him before the
trigger was pulled.) The Prof arrives back; a battered door, two bodies
and a Tarentino films worth of blood. A quick call to 'certain friendly
elements' in the local police was in order.
	The Rev met inspector Faraday and managed to grab an interview
with Christian, who was on his death bed. He'd been caught looking at a
certain parcel, supposedly bound for Tahiti, containing a wand. He knew
he'd be killed shortly, so staged a break-in which went slightly wrong.
His accomplice called the police, but not before Allerton had severely
beaten Christian ('he attacked me with a crow bar, so I grabbed a poker
and he fell into the fire...') Christian was an informer on Allerton
(hence contacts in police etc) and was to meet Al, Greener and Jimmy at a
rendezvous in some local caves. Guess who the torch has been passed onto.
	Christian corroborated Allerton's story in a statement.
	The friendly elements in the local police removed the body and 
our hostage (we didn't kill anyone!) and advised us to do a spot of 
spring cleaning. A few journalist (spit) came round and attempted to 
sensationalise the gun shots - 'well I tripped and dropped some cartridges 
into the fire' all calls for photos 'of the hero' were quickly deigned.
	We left for the caves, but were followed - we (to?) easily lost
the pursuit and quick arrived at the caves, placing Swanson and Jarvis on
guard while Jeremiah and Prof Hargreaves lower Rev. Peters and John
Aintree down a low cliff into the main cave. They came back somewhat white
	Jarvis and Jeremiah swapped positions and the tale was related -
three decapitated bodies and one rather larger black guy dripping blood
from his mouth etc - muttering to several voices, apparently coming from 
its torso. No sign of heads or wands. Some people went back down to
investigate and a bloody curdling scream echoed around the caves, bring
Jeremiah running. The big black guy had grown several feet (now about 9'
tall) Jarvis, Prof. Hargreaves and John Aintree are stuck in the cave as
this monster stands up and lets out a painful scream. Prof Hargreaves
approaches and gets the distinct impression that three pairs of eyes are
looking at him from the one. After being beckoned towards the monsters
mouth and mesmerised, Prof Hargreaves stood still while Dr Jones returned
with a ring Christian had given us to identify ourselves - this seemed to
be recognised by the creature and suddenly it went rather mad, crushing
the remaining bodies to a pulp before barfing up blood and having its
stomach eaten away from the inside by three heads. Messy.
	The mess was quickly sucked up by a hollow wooden tube, concealed
in a pocket of the victims - beats a vacuum cleaner although it did leave
the gore marks on the investigators. Everything was sucked up as the
cylinder started to roll and a light breeze sprang up from nowhere. After
a quick discussion on the ethics of controlling characters whose player
weren't there, Dr Jones grabbed the 'wand', which appeared remarkably
heavy, but soon got lighter as the breeze grew into a gust. The torches 
illuminating the cave had burned into effigees of the human torso.
	We managed to make it up the rope as the gust grew to gale force
and went outside - calm air. Swanson's missing. 


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