michaelmas '96 - Session 17

17. Resonances of the Sea

--      RESONANCES OF THE SEA     --
--             (7/11/96)          --

	After bribing our way across the border, we made haste to Rabat
(French protectorate capital.) The shear normality of the drive did
nothing for our nerves, leaving most of the party paranoid wrecks by the
time we'd found the English consulate. Naturaly, the Prof was chosen to
intercede with the relavent authorities and, after signing a multitude of
papers, his senseless form was handed over. Transport had been arranged
for his trip back to England, into the custody of one of Prof Hargreaves'
old research students.
	It was late in the evening, we decided to check out some
archaeological records at Rabat University, with the hope of meeting a
member of the original 'Tatler' expedition. Unfortunately everyone who had
been present on the dig had since moved on, but amongst the list of
expedition members was one Frederick Allerton. This explains how Tatler
knew about Allerton's visit to the caves, but also suggests some sort of
colaboration between the two cultists. We suspect that Allerton funded the
dig, so Tatler may have occupanied it to keep track of Allerton's
movements. This doesn't explain how come he found them first (since this
would imply he was looking for them, being some 500' yards away from the
main site.
	After plenty of rest and a good sleep we continued our journey,
traveling along the coast through Casablanca. John looked a bit 'green
around the gills' and complained about the noise the waves made. He had a
sickening feeling every time he heard a wave break (presumably similar to
extreme home sickness.) He seemed to brighten up after we started on our
way, the engine drowning out the sound of the breakers. We past many
military vehicles heading towards Moyers Atlas; with the Spanish army on
one side and the French one their othe, I guess the rebels have probably
taken a beating.
	Several days later, we arrived at the port of Essouira - split
between the Spanish and French protectorates. Crossing over into the
Spanish part; John, despite his illness seemed to notice something in the
harbour. Much to our surprise, it wasn't faces in the water, but a ship
from America - checking the harbour records, ships from Boston do
apparently land here, chartered by 'Amis Holdings' (along with all the
other ships bound for America from here.) Ships also bound for Tahiti and
the other Pacific islands also dock here. Checking harbour records, a ship
from Boston is due in shortly and we resolved to meet it.
	Arriving at Aiuiy far Assa, we found the dig almost undisturbed -
all the site still neatly layed out (perhaps the local population fear to
disturb the site for some reason.) The dig was apparent of a small town,
but it was the caves that had brought us here. They were found relatively
easily and we eagerly entered.
	A massive painting, apparently composed of thousands of small dots
covered on wall of what must more accurately be called a cavern. The
painting was about 30' by 20' and seemed to be just random dots towards
the left with runes or some form of pictagrams coming down from the top
right to the bottom left in an inverted L. In the middle was a highly
stylised mask along with a wand and some form of pentagram or star. On top
of the pictagrams were annotations in Sanscrit, which apparently didn't
wear as well as the rest of the painting being some what worn.



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