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Wolf piccies from Beenham

In March, Scott and I visited the UK Wolf Conservation Trust at Beenham (near Reading). We got to spend a good couple of hours walking with the wolves. It's a fantastic experience - I'd strongly recommend it to anyone with an interest in them. Sign up now!

Two wolves at play
A thirsty wolf
The three pups having a play-tussle
One of the females being given a belly scritch by - me!
"I think I'll just rest a moment before tearing off like a mad thing again."
"Please, _somebody_ give me a tummy rub."
Like some kind of reverse Cerberus, this wolf has one head and three bodies.
"Yum - your hand tastes of tuna."
They are clever, aren't they?
Going for a tongue-dangling stroll
Another wolf paddling in the stream
It was the mating season when we went to visit, so there were a few dominance tussles like this. (Sorry the picture quality isn't brilliant - I did try to sharpen it up a bit.)
Another one of me passing out scritchies.
This one's rather special. It's not quite what it looks like - that's the Alpha _female_ mounting another female there to enforce dominance. You don't get to see this a lot.

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