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Wolf piccies from the Herts County Show

During the spring and summer, the UKWCT takes its wolves to various shows and fairs in order to show them off to the public. I helped out at the Herts County Show near Redbourn in May - here are the obligatory photos.

The enclosure where the wolves stayed for most of the show. It's pretty roomy, but a bit wet when it rains.
A bizarre wolf creature with two heads and two bodies.
"Why me?"
Tired after a long night's sleeping, these wolves take a well-deserved nap.
The two European females enjoy some attention.
Not many people know that wolves go through a coccoon stage in their life cycle.
A wolf on the prowl.
Lots of sniffing.
Someone brought a rather nice Huskie to the Show, and it tried to establish communication with the wolves by howling.
"Please don't stop."
"Just let me sleep a bit longer."
Rabbit dreams.
Laid back wolf.
"What big teeth you have, Grandma."
A ball of wolf.
Sleepy wolf.
This is a particularly dangerous and fierce-looking specimen.
The team who helped at the show, minus me. Please note the rivers of mud and stormclouds in the background. There's a larger version of this here for those of you with big screens and big bandwidth.
Another shot of the helpers, this time with me.

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