Nomadic Dragon's Homepage. Welcome to my homepage.
Update: August 3rd, 2000. Yes, less than a WEEK between updates. Thought the last one was a rare event? Added an image to the graphics section! I put the email button there for a reason...I'd love to hear your feedback, tips, and critiques. :)
Update: July 29th, 2000. Wow, a whole year since I touched this place...and still I've managed to get 5000 hits. Well, I think I'll give more reason to hit my site more often...just go take a peek at the art section. Go on, go. :)
Update: July 6th, 1999. Wee! I added this nifty 'Updated' flag! Also, you won't believe it! I put up a story! :] Go, go read it. Hurry! ;]

Update: May 15th, 1999. A real update, this time. Added a rough sketch of a sleeping female dragon to the art page, and re-did the lame link buttons. Wood-grain looks so much better, don't you think? Anyhow, I may or may not colorize the femm dragon, depends on a lot of things. I _DO_ have a flying birdman pic to work on, first. ;]

Update: May 1st, 1999. Not a REAL update, really just shuffling my page around. Enjoy. :]

Nomadic Dragon first got into the internet two or three years ago with the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter, and since then has been a net addict. Currently, he is a reader of the Transformation Story Archive, and a member of their associated chat channel, Undernet's #TSA_List.

He liked what he saw, and decided to settle his nomadic self in the channel. Since then, he has poked at writing, and more recently, drawing. He likes the latter immensly, the, so-so. His best works are done during math class. :]

More recently, after nearly a year of having the site set untouched, he moved away from his parent's house and is living on his own. It gets immensely boring, hence the sudden surge of art he is doing. :)

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