Gift Art & Commissions

These are pictures by other people, which they have either given to me or created for me by commission.


 ravntomb.jpg: This was the first picture done for me by Caribou, one of the best furry artists out there. It's a scene taken from an early mental image I had for Ecce Femina. As you can see, in this version the story takes place at night, while in the final draft it turned out to be early afternoon. When I first commissioned the pic I wasn't sure whether the flowers were placed there by Raven's family or by Raven herself; the latter would have been symbolic of her, in essence, saying goodbye to her past. Fortunately, the story turned out to be a bit happier than that. :) The idea of the flowers being in color while everything else was black and white was a powerful image for me, one whose effectiveness would only be diminished, I think, if I tried to put it into words.


 raven.jpg: My second portrait by Caribou. This is the big version of the picture that appears in the banner on the home page. Quite a bit cheerier than the first one, obviously. :-)


 priestes.jpg: This is a pic of Raven hin'Elric, the Lightbringer of Metamor Keep, as illustrated by Kee Coyote. She's looking much cheerier here than usual. ;-)

 ravnpray.jpg: Another picture of Raven hin'Elric, this one by Leonidus.


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