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Pictures of my characters, and of miscellaneous other folks...

ravnbatl.jpg (05/11/2002): A picture of Raven hin'Elric from my own sketch pad. The perspective is a little off, Elemacil doesn't really look right, and the foreshortening isn't as good as it could be, but this is the first picture of Raven that I've drawn that I was even remotely happy with. Progress is progress...

merai.jpg (05/11/2002): Another picture from my sketch pad, this one of Merai hin'Dana. I am very happy with this one, and I was delighted that it came out as well as it did. I think it does a good job of bringing out both her youth and the subtly feline features of her face. I didn't draw in her fur because I didn't want to clutter up what was, for me, a very successful picture, but you can imagine her thin, close-lying pelt of tawny fur as well as I can. :) Note the black tear-marks, a feature common to several of the big cats; I've never explicitly stated what kind of cat Merai was modeled after, and she may even be able to take several different feline forms, but I've always felt like she had a bit of lioness hidden deep down inside her, whether she realized it or not. :)

sljackson.jpg (05/11/2002): This sketch is part of a series of experiments on my part at drawing real-life people from photographs. I chose Samuel L. Jackson (here in his role as Jedi Master Mace Windu) because he has interesting facial features and an incredibly penetrating glare. (And, of course, he is the bad@$$ to snuff all other bad@$$es. :) I don't think I quite managed to convey the full glower in his expression here, but this is the closest I've gotten yet to reproducing emotions in a drawing. This was a fun picture for experimenting with shadowing, too.

tessa.jpg (05/12/2002): Tessa, the half-Elf Lightbringer initiate, reaches back into her quiver for an arrow. Lots of experimentation going on here: first sketch on a real sketchpad, first successful sketch that uses foreshortening, first sketch I've colored (which is a lot more work than you might think), and the first sketch I started using a light blue pencil like the professional comic artists use. I think it really helped, too -- the blue erases more cleanly than a normal pencil, which results in a much cleaner final sketch (though it still required several hours of work to clean up for coloring). I think Tessa looks a little older here than in my current stories with her -- Jack recently mistook her for sixteen -- but I think this sketch does a good job of bringing out the stubborn, defiant aspects of her personality.

blkwidow.jpg (05/15/2002): This picture was based on the painted cover of issue #1 of the 2002 Black Widow mini-series by MAX Comics (a subsidiary of Marvel). Here we see the second and current Black Widow, Yelena Belova, locked and loaded and ready to kick some tail. I was particularly happy with the way the guns and Widow's Bite bracers turned out; the latter was my first attempt at drawing a metallic surface, and I think it's quite convincing. I was also pretty satisfied with her expression, which carries a lot of the hard, cold demeanor I was going for. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the midriff look more three-dimensional, especially around the edges, but this was definitely another incremental step upward in my skills.

cassandr.jpg (03/25/2003): This is a picture of a character I helped create for a GURPS Fantasy game: Cassandra, a 16-year-old telepath who was psychically linked to her twin brother Taden. Sadly, Cassie contracted a magical plague and passed away a few months into the game, but this is still one of my favorite drawings -- in large part because her quirky personality came through in her facial expression.

raven.gif (10/21/05): A little sketch of Raven that I did in the airport while I was waiting for a flight. "Furry" characters give me enormous trouble in my drawing, so it gave me a tremendous thrill of accomplishment to finally produce an image of Raven that I actually liked. Drawing in profile is the easiest way to do muzzles, and I still have a long way to go before I'll be a decent fur-artist, but I cherish this image as one real victory after years of frustrating failures.

toon_kate.jpg (11/23/05): A cartoon-style image of my sister-in-law, Kate. And before I get accused of excessive artistic license, I must tell you that she really is as ... gifted ... as I've shown here. :)

toon_casey.jpg (11/24/05): A cartoon-style image of my brother, Casey. And yes, this is a fairly accurate representation of the looks he gives me much of the time ... especially if I have a camera. :)

morgan.jpg (01/18/06): Lt. Dr. Morgan Drauling, the MCPD's head medical examiner and resident vampire. Featured in my MK2K stories Welcome to the City and Huntress, here she lets her vamp side show a little more than usual. Better back away slowly, friend -- she looks hungry...

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