Metamor Keep stories are presented chronologically for the sake of clarity.

Lightbringer by Raven Blackmane -- A character intro story I wrote for Copernicus' Metamor Keep universe. This is the story of Raven hin'Elric, the Lightbringer, last in a long line of clerics who have inhabited the Keep since time immemorial. Discover the challenges and dangers of priesthood in a universe where magic exists, the supernatural is often tangible, and the "gods" manipulate mortals and play politics like old-guard Washington senators. It's not a job for the faint of heart...

Rites of Ascendancy by Raven Blackmane -- Rites of Ascendancy introduces us to Merai, a young Keeper girl who dreams of becoming a Lightbringer. But in the world of Metamor Keep, the only job more dangerous than being the Lightbringer ... is being the Lightbringer's apprentice... (Note: This story contains two scenes -- one near the beginning, one near the end -- that contain what are commonly called "adult situations". I have endeavored to make these scenes as non-graphic and inoffensive as possible, and some of my beta-readers have said that I succeeded; but all the same, I would recommend parental guidance for any potential readers under the age of 15. Please trust my judgment in including these story bits -- though the first of these scenes may seem superfluous as you first read it, you will see towards the end why it plays such a key role in the story.) Part One of The Starchild Prophecy.

 The Lessons Trilogy by LoveBear, Wanderer, and Raven Blackmane -- This is a series of three stories that Wanderer, LoveBear and I wrote to follow up on the events covered in LoveBear's MK stories, Fetish and Ward. They are presented together because they wouldn't make much sense apart from each other. (Well, mine wouldn't, at least. :-) LB and Wand are two of the best writers in the MK universe, and I wholeheartedly recommend these stories. (Continuity Note: These stories take place in 706 CR, the same year as Rites of Ascendancy.)

For I Am Lost by Wanderer -- A follow-up to the events of The Lessons Trilogy. Thinking he may see some glimmer of hope for Wanderer's return, Chris sets out to jog the poor wolf's memory. But is there yet any hope for the erstwhile bard?

Clearing Away by Wanderer, with LoveBear & Raven Blackmane -- Christopher and Raven have to do a bit of spring cleaning in Wanderer's room, a job that neither of them is looking forward to...

Winter Assault by Numerous Authors -- It's the eve of Christmas, when the Followers celebrate the birth of their Lord, Lightbringers ponder the mysterious Creator-god Iluvatar, and a whole lot of everyday Keepers get ready to party. It is a time of feasting and celebration, and of meditation and reflection, for all the people of Metamor ... until the unthinkable happens. Nasoj, the dark wizard who failed to destroy Metamor twice before, launches a surprise attack on the Keep in the dead of night, during the fiercest blizzard in recent memory. Caught off-guard, now the Keepers must fight a desperate battle for survival in the very halls of Metamor itself. (This is the Big One, folks -- hundreds and hundreds of pages, by more authors than you can shake the proverbial stick at. It's still undergoing editing, and at the moment only the RTF files are available online, but we hope to have it in HTML soon. Anyone interested in receiving a copy containing only my parts of the story is welcome to email me and request it -- but personally, I'm very impressed at the dedication showed by all the authors to put together a collaborative story of this magnitude. Well done, everyone!)

A Cold Day In Hell by Raven Blackmane -- The ashes are beginning to settle from the Winter Assault, and the consequences of the battle are being felt in places that Metamor could scarcely imagine -- places such as the Second Hell, where a young imp has been summoned to his mistress's chambers for a mission of great importance. A little experiment with dark humor that sets the stage for the next story in the Starchild Prophecy.

Picking up the Pieces by Raven Blackmane -- Sometimes the hardest part of war isn't the fighting; it's what comes after. Daria paid a high price for Metamor's victory against the Winter Assault, but now she and the other Keepers face the even greater challenge of putting their lives back together ... and coming to terms with everything, and everyone, they have lost. A requieum for the Winter Assault, and the beginning of a new story arc for the young squire.

Misericardia by Wanderer & Raven Blackmane -- Wanderer's mind has been restored, but his body is still stuck in full wolf form -- and his heart is in even worse shape, once he realizes what he did that left him stuck like this (see The Lessons Trilogy for more details). Devastated, he seeks a way to make penance for his sins, even though Raven tries to assure him that he is forgiven and does not need to do anything to prove his love to her. With tensions and angst running high and neither of them able to really reach the other, Raven takes drastic action to save their fractured relationship: a ritual of Velena that could save their love ... or destroy it forever.

Koinonia by Raven Blackmane & Wanderer -- The events of Misericardia as seen from Raven's perspective. Read this one second -- neither story is really complete without the other.

A Road Into Darkness by Raven Blackmane -- A mysterious dream leads Raven and Merai eastward to confront a new and dangerous enemy. But the Midlands aren't the safest place for a pair of Keeper priestesses, and they soon find that reaching their destination may be a challenge in itself. And what does all of this have to do with the prophecy hanging over Merai? Part Two of The Starchild Prophecy.

Signs and Portents by Raven Blackmane -- Rickkter is not a stupid man. He has seen enough in the last year to know that the gods have something big in the works for Metamor. He wants answers, and he knows the best place to look for them is the Lightbringer Archives. Merai wants answers of her own, and insists on joining him -- but will either of them be prepared for what they find? An epilogue, of sorts, for A Road Into Darkness.

Dances by Raven Blackmane -- While Tessa, the Lightbringers' newest initiate, demonstrates her combat skills for Master DeMule, Raven and Wanderer try to make up for lost time by spending the day together. Two parallel tales that earn their name for very different reasons.

In the Absence of Martyrs by Raven Blackmane -- It is the fall of 707 CR. Nearly a year has passed since the death of the Ecclesia's beloved Patriarch, Akabaieth, and the religious unrest in the Midlands is only increasing. When reports reach Metamor of a Follower priest burning Lightbringers at the stake, Raven is reluctant to get involved in a matter outside her own jurisdiction -- that is, until she learns that the priest and his "holy" soldiers are headed straight for her mother's home town. Raven hasn't been in the village of Anthaly since before the Curse, but now she'll risk everything to save her people from a horrible fate. She soon discovers, however, that not everything is as it appears... Part Three of The Starchild Prophecy. (Hosted off-site at the TSAT archives.)

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