MK: Winter Assault

The Authors:

Carpenter Ant
Raven Blackmane
Fox Cutter
Dan D'Alimonte
Grey Flank

Jacob Fox
Joanne Hunter

Deranged Kitsune
Charles "MattRat" Matthias
Christian O'Kane
Oren Otter

The Story:

The Preliminaries
Day One

Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven
The Aftermath

Continuity Note: Winter Assault is immediately preceded by MattRat's story Winter's First Chill; in fact, the last few paragraphs of that story take place concurrently with the beginning of Winter Assault.

MK: Winter Assault is Copyright 2000 by the authors listed above. If you want to post it anywhere else, please ask MK Universe Controller Christian O'Kane for permission first. Thank you.

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