Ainador, the "Holy Land" of the Ecclesia, is an independent republic under a parliamentary system of government. It has mostly-friendly relations with Metamor and controls most of the Desert of Dreaming, which in the twentieth century CR came to be valued for its abundant oil reserves. These natural resources grant Ainador a level of power in world politics that belies its small size.

The capital, Yesulam, remains the home of the Ecclesia's headquarters. Officially, the church stays out of politics these days, but behind the scenes it still wields enormous influence. The population is about 95% human, at least according to official records -- some non-humans living there may have simply disguised their natures, and are unable to change back to their native forms as long as they remain within the nation's borders. The population is about 80% Ecclesia, with the remainder being a mixture of Meraists and various Rebuilder factions.

Even with the general increase in the ambient magic of the world, western Ainador remains a mana-dead region. (The Desert of Dreaming is, as it always has been, a region of strong chaos magic, and the oil companies operating there take great precautions to avoid falling victim to its effects.) This makes Ainador the perfect hiding place for those beings who wish to avoid being scryed upon. It is, perhaps, unsurprising that the "Holy Land" has thus become a haven for the very unholy Nasoj cult known as the Brotherhood of the Sepulcher.