A.1. Mundane

Characters at this level have no special supernatural abilities -- or if they do, such abilities are completely latent and unusable. These characters may be wealthy, powerful, intelligent, or highly skilled -- or not -- but whatever their station in life, they got their solely through the use of their mundane talents ... with maybe a little help from somebody higher up.

Mundane characters have a wide variety of options open to them, but they cannot pursue any of the supernatural career paths. They can only use magic in the form of rituals or pre-made magical items, and they cannot invent new rituals or craft new magical items for themselves.

A mage at this level is either "on the leash" or is only a neophyte in a magical school. A psi at this level is a latent talent -- his or her abilities have not yet manifested themselves.

Compatible Choices:

B. Gender: Male; Female

C. Social Status: Any (but mundane Street Rats are relatively rare)

D. Race/Species: Uncursed Human; Lutin; Breed

E. Professions: Blue-Collar; White-Collar; Professional; Religious; Rural/Agrarian; Government; Criminal/Fringe