A.2. Something Extra:

A character with "something extra" has one or more modest supernatural talents, but nothing strong enough to really control his/her lifestyle or career choices. These abilities come in useful from time to time, but they aren't strong enough to carry the person to success in life without the help of mundane skills and talents.

Most characters at this level can use magic only a little more effectively than mundanes, though they may have some modest innate talents that come in handy (such as the ability to see magic, or perform one or two simple spells).

A mage at this level is an Apprentice, or quit practicing magic early in his/her studies. A psi at this level is probably living a fairly mundane life; his/her psi abilities are either too weak to accomplish much, or come and go in an uncontrollable fashion.

Compatible Choices:

B. Gender: Male, Female, Androgyne

C. Social Status: Any

D. Race/Species: Cursed or Uncursed Human; Lutin; Breed; Elf; Silvaan; Plane-touched

E. Professions: Same as Mundane, plus Magical (Manologist only)