B.1. Male:

The following societies and organizations are largely male-dominated:

The Ecclesia: Women may serve as nuns, but not in the priesthood. Men run the church and maintain strong religious traditions designed to keep women submitted to their authority.

Ainador: As the Church goes, so goes the Holy Land. The ideal woman, to the Ainador mindset, is demure, modest, obedient, and has no great aspirations beyond being a wife and mother. Women are not expressly forbidden from serving in public office -- thanks to several preconditions on trade agreements with Metamor -- but almost never do so.

Most Southlands Nations: The Southlands never had the cultural influence of the egalitarian Elves, and even today are far more patriarchal than just about anywhere else in the civilized world. There are a few democratic nation-states that are experimenting with gender equality, but they still have a lot of societal inertia to overcome.

Imperial Ministry of Defense: While Metamor has a long tradition of women serving in the military, the upper echelons of command have always been run mostly by men. (Some speculate this is because only men are capable of turning off their emotions effectively enough to make the choices required in military high command.)

Swoop Gangs: These Street-level gangs are typically ruled by the biggest, fiercest, strongest members. While there are a few noteworthy exceptions, these individuals are usually male.

Some Mages' Guilds: Magical guilds are organized around a wide variety of different philosophies and emphasize different "colleges" of the arcane arts. Many of the older guilds were founded by male wizards, and their approaches to magical theory tend to work better for those working from a male mindset. Women tend to prefer the younger guilds that use a broader, more egalitarian approach to the arcane.

Urban Lutin Culture: Traditional lutin tribal society was organized around the idea of large, central "Earth tribes", which were ruled by the resident wise woman; and small, free-ranging "Ice tribes", which consisted mostly of male warriors and were responsible for gathering food and spoils for their Earth tribe. Women in Ice tribes tended to be few in number, and existed as little more than pleasure slaves for the tribal chieftain.

Many of the lutins living in Metamor City approach life from an "Ice tribe" mindset: working in the factories is seen as being analogous to "foraging" for food and supplies, and lutin males in the factories often form strong bonds with their co-workers that are similar to an Ice tribe in structure and interpersonal dynamics. Female lutins in the City often find that its fast-paced lifestyle and crowded living conditions make it difficult to form anything resembling an Earth tribe within city limits; as a result, they usually find themselves feeling isolated in urban life. Those who choose to stay in the City are usually those who are willing to accept the role of consorts to a powerful or prosperous lutin male.