B.4. Variable at Will:


Some powerful creatures have extensive shapeshifting abilities at their disposal and can take a wide variety of forms at will, including members of either sex. Outsiders, some types of Fae, the more powerful dragons, and some master wizards all fall into this category. Unlike true androgynes, these individuals are not limited in the amount of time they can spend as members of either gender, though most show a marked preference for one sex or the other.

A creature with this ability may see itself as beyond sexual classifications, taking on either role depending on how well it suits the circumstances, or it may see itself as a "native" member of one sex who is capable of masquerading as the opposite sex for as long as may be desired. Many of the celestials and fiends seem to fall into the former category, but succubae and incubi are more human in temperament and usually consider themselves to be "native" to the sex they were born with. Dragons and human wizards with this power likewise tend to identify more strongly with their born sex, though some may feel as though they have transcended such mortal limitations.

Beings with variable sexuality tend not to advertise it, as it often causes even more discomfort among mortals than do androgynes. Sex is a rather matter-of-fact endeavor for most of these creatures, and they will use it in whatever manner is necessary to acheive their immediate goals.