Metamor City Statistics

Population: Approximately 15 million within the City itself. The metropolitan area to the north and south of the city houses around another 7 million.

Land Area: Approximately 140 square kilometers (54 square miles), a little more than twice the size of Manhattan island; this is the entirety of Metamor Valley, minus five square kilometers (two square miles) set aside for Glen Avery. The population density, however, should be calculated after considering that the four levels of skyways effectively quintuple the surface area of the city (to 725 km^2, close to the 780 km^2 occupied by the entirety of New York City).

Population Density: ~107,000/km^2 of surface land, ~21,500/km^2 when divided up among all 5 levels of the city.

Population Composition:

Un-Cursed Human or Plane-touched: 25% (~3.75 million)
Cursed Humans and Breed: 41% (~6.15 million)
Subdivided by Curse:
TG: 20% (~3 million)
Morph: 17% (~2.55 million)
AR: 4% (~600,000)

All humans, Plane-touched and Cursed Breed, subdivided by magery:
No magery: ~39.8% (~6 million)
Magical "Talents" with leashes: 10% (~1.5 million)
Registered mages: 10% (~1.5 million)
Registered mages certified as exempt adepts or higher: 2% (~300,000)
Registered mages certified at master level or higher: 34,987 (0.233%)
Registered mages certified at high master level: 38
Unregistered mages: Unknown, estimated at 2% (~300,000)

Known psis: 35,593 (0.24%)
Known psis equivalent to exempt adept mage or higher: 713
Known psis considered "potentially dangerous" by Imperial Intel: 12

Lutin or un-Cursed Breed: 14% (~2.1 million)
Outsiders (Celestials, Fiends): 10% (~1.5 million)
Silvaan: 5% (~750,000)
Vampire: 2% (~300,000)
Elf: 1% (~150,000)
Other: 2% (~300,000)

Un-cursed humans and Plane-touched are counted together because Outsider blood has become so common in the last thousand years that it is often difficult to track. (No attempt has been made to measure the numbers of plane-touched found in other races, such as lutins or Elves, but the proportions are probably similar.)

Only humans and Breed can be Cursed, and once someone has been cursed with the Morph spell his/her heritage becomes impossible to determine, so these two have been grouped together. Un-Cursed Breed are grouped with lutins, since the only Breed who typically forego the Curse are those who have been raised in the lutin culture.

The population figures for psis only include individuals who are known to Imperial Intel to have such powers; this probably greatly underestimates the true number of psis, particularly those with low-level or discreet abilities. "Potentially dangerous" is a term Intel uses to describe any psi powerful enough that s/he could not be readily subdued without intervention by either an avatar or a high master wizard, if s/he were to turn hostile; the term is not meant to imply anything about the person's actual intentions or objectives.

"Other" potentially includes Fae of all types, nagas, dragons (in human form), merfolk, werecreatures and other unusual beings.