Captain Joe Montgomery:

Full Name: Captain Joseph Gulo Montgomery
Species: Theriomorph (wolverine)

Allegiance: MCPD, Detective Bureau, Central Division, Precinct 9
Religion: Ecclesiast
Social Status: 3 (salary M75,000/yr)

Age: 52 as of 8/03/1999
Eyes: Brown
Fur: Reddish brown, with darker fur around the face (typical wolverine markings)
Height: 185 cm (6'1")

Physical Notes: Big and burly, with large muscles but a good amount of extra weight around his midsection. Rarely takes human form, but when he does, his hair is an auburn color and his skin is a deep, slightly reddish brown. (Montgomery is partly descended from the black-skinned humans of the far southeastern realms, across the Central Sea.) Has heavy, wickedly sharp claws that he can partially retract when he isn't using them.

Behavioral Notes: Gruff old warhorse who's really a softy, deep down. If you don't know how to write this, you haven't watched enough cop dramas. Trained in a variety of judo- and wrestling-style martial arts..

Supernatural Abilities: Shapeshifting (per usual for Keeper theriomorphs)

Montgomery is in many ways the stereotypical police chief, a grizzled old hardass with a heart of gold who has been on the force as long as anybody can remember. He's also a wolverine-morph, which fits with the whole grizzled thing. Montgomery is tough, obstinate, often cranky, but ultimately fair in his dealings, both with the other cops and with the civilians he comes in contact with. But you wouldn't want to see what he can do with those claws of his when it comes down to a knife-fight on The Street...