Full Name: Unknown
Species: Automaton (human soul)

Allegiance: The Spark of Life; Empire of Metamor
Religion: Undisclosed
Social Status: 6 (takes no salary; cared for by Citadel staff)

Age: Unknown; approx. 2000 years
Height: 208 cm (6'10")

Physical Notes: Polished metal hull with additional ornamentation, generally humanoid in overall appearance.

Behavioral Notes: Quiet and introspective. Slow to make friends with fleshlings, but unflaggingly loyal when he does. Very protective of his friends. Rarely speaks, and has a habit of lapsing into Old Suielman when under stress.

Supernatural Abilities: Extremely high resistance to offensive magic; superhuman strength, speed, and agility; essentially unlimited operating time.

Omega is an automaton, the last of the great constructs built by the secretive Amber Order in the days of the Suielman Empire. He was initially designed to be a soldier, but eventually became the guardian of the Order's greatest treasure, the Spark of Life.

Like all of the Amber Order's constructs, Omega is not a completely artificial life form; his soul, his personality, come from a living being. Unlike other Amber automatons, however, which were usually made with animal souls that had been "uplifted" to human or near-human intelligence, Omega's soul is that of a human being, the noblest and most loyal of the guards who protected the Amber Order. The Suielman mages tasked him to keep hidden and safe the Spark of Life, which resides inside his chest and gives him his extraordinary abilities.

Omega stays out of the public eye -- there are few things for which he might be needed that an avatar of Metamor could not do as well. He keeps a careful eye on current events and Imperial intelligence reports, though, and if he detects something that requires his attention -- such as the threat that someone might rediscover one of the Sparks -- he is quick to act. He has still not told his friends and hosts in the Imperial government, however, that he carries the Spark of Life inside himself -- he figures that the fewer who know, the less the chance that someone will try to use it for evil.