The Starchild Prophecy:


A time is coming, far from now,
When darkness rages 'gainst the light;
Evil changes methods as
It toils to summon ever-night.

Darkness twain is darkness one,
Light's guardians are lax and weak;
For power is their only goal,
Authority is what they seek.

Sweetly come the tempting voices--
Pride arises, wisdom falls--
Holy Council is corrupted,
Traitors dwell within its walls.

Light and light are drawn to battle,
Atrocities on either side--
Driven and deceived by evils
Who within their councils hide.

Darkest shadow would befall us,
Light would never more be seen,
If Fate had not prepared a savior:
Holy child, Elenin.

One child from her mother's womb,
And given life by holy seed--
Naught in her that we'd desire her,
Humbleness shall be her creed.

Come in secret, Elenin,
Unrecognized by anyone,
That darkness may not know its bane
Has come to earth: the chosen one.

Call thyself nothing, Elenin,
But salvation in thee lies!
Purify the holy councils!
Let us love who we despised!

Mighty power in seeming weakness,
Courage hid in seeming fright,
Heal the friendships long asunder,
Child of power, child of light!

Two signs will come of thy appearing--
One when nigh, one when at hand.
When these come the wise may know thee,
Join with thee to make their stand.

When time is nigh, Anarbereth
Will come to thee in might and power
That thou mayst know thy destiny
And see thy fast-approaching hour.

When thy time is now at hand,
Then thou thyself be purified:
Go to the mountain of the sun
And there, at last, be glorified.

Then darkness shall against thee rise,
And will destroy thee if it can;
But Elenin! thou shalt defeat it,
And dark shall ne'er unite again.

--A Prophecy of the Oracle Silvinia
Year 242, Cristos Reckoning