Will Kerenson:

Full Name: James William Kerenson
Species: Uncursed Human

Allegiance: None
Religion: Meraist
Social Status: 2 (average income M22,000/yr.)

Age: 20 as of 4/13/1999
Sandy brown, short and somewhat spiky
Height: 175 cm (5'9")

Physical Notes: Slim, bordering on scrawny; fairly handsome

Behavioral Notes: Quiet and rather shy; somewhat naive, especially about magic and the supernatural; analyzes everything around him from a writer's standpoint.

Supernatural Abilities: None that he is aware of (but see below).

Will Kerenson is a native of Haverfield, a small town in the remotest suburbs of Ellcaran. He came to Metamor City in 1997 to attend Empire University's College of Communications, but his real dream is to become a famous and successful writer. He's still having trouble figuring out his genre, though, and has yet to produce anything longer than a short story.

Will is gentle, sweet-natured, a genuine Nice Guy -- and he's completely out of his depth in the fast-paced, chaotic world of Metamor City. He's getting along fine at E.U., but the university has been hosting out-of-town students for generations and is well-equipped to serve as a refuge in the midst of the City's insanity. Upon stepping into the darker world of Metamor's lower levels, Will soon discovered how ill-prepared he was for its unique challenges and dangers.

Fortunately, Will's introduction to the dark side of Metamor came courtesy of Callie Linder, a runner who was both good-hearted and skillful enough to keep him alive through the experience. Will may have the capacity to be braver and stronger than he knows, but in the meantime he's fortunate to have Callie as a friend. Will is greatly attracted to her, and even though her flirting left him frustrated and uncomfortable at first, they have begun to develop a genuine friendship, which Will is hopeful will develop into something deeper over time.

Role in the ongoing story arc: Will has no idea of this, but he is in fact one of a number of potential candidates to become The Key. Descended from all the great heroes who brought about the fall of Nasoj, Will has a power in his blood that could be used for great good -- or unspeakable evil. Will and Callie will be drawn into the larger story arc when the servants of Nasoj identify him as a potential Key and go after him with the intent of making him into The Vessel, the corrupted Key-candidate who will serve as a host for the rebirth of Nasoj. In the process of keeping Will alive and out of Nasoj's hands, he and Callie will be reluctantly drawn into the battle to destroy the dark wizard once and for all. In the meantime, though, he has more immediate concerns -- like coping with the effects of Artax's shape-changing chocolates...

Because he is so clueless about so much of what happens in Metamor City, Will is a good viewpoint character to use when new concepts need to be presented to the readers in a plausible way.