Zhypar Habakkuk:

Habakkuk was the last of the Felikaush, the bloodline descended from the famous prophet known as Mad Felix of Lee. Whatever strange gifting granted Felix his visions was passed on to his descendants, and all of the Felikaush were prophets of one stripe or another. Most of the Felikaush were exterminated when the library-city they founded, Fellos, was sacked and burned by a mercenary army in the late 600s. Habakkuk, however, survived, and disappeared into obscurity, becoming one of the heads of the Writers' Guild at Metamor Keep.

In the end, circumstances forced Habakkuk to take a more active role again in world affairs -- though one might argue that he had never really stopped meddling, even when he was posing as a simple collector of rare books. It is impossible to say, now, how much Habakkuk knew of the events surrounding Chateau Marzac or when he knew it, but it seems clear that he did know, in the end, that his journey to destroy the cursed castle would be his last. Before he left, he wrote down one final prophecy and sealed the scroll, leaving explicit instructions on the outside about when it was to be opened. He placed this scroll in the care of the Lothanasi high priestess, Raven hin'Elric, and then left Metamor forever.

The Last Prophecy of Zhypar Habakkuk quickly took on an aura of mystery, and there was much speculation among those who knew of its existence about what was likely to be inside. Nobody was much surprised that it turned out to be about Nasoj, since the most famous prophecy of Felix of Lee himself had foretold the dark wizard's fall from power. What was more surprising, however, was that the prophecy was unsealed the day that word reached Metamor that Nasoj's broken body had been dug out of the ruins of his own citadel. Even more disturbing, the prophecy declared that the dark wizard was not gone forever, but would one day rise again.

Further details of the Last Prophecy are given in the article about The Key, the being that Habakkuk foresaw would finally bring about Nasoj's destruction. The text of the prophecy itself follows.


Praises ring from battles won,
but Age of Felix is not done.
Dark One's body broken lies,
but spirit lives though body dies.
Still your songs in town and glen:
The Dark One shall arise again.

Bid farewell to foes and friends
before the Age of Felix ends.
Years shall pass and gods shall fall;
Millions answer Kyia's call.
Cities shall reach to the skies
Before the Dark One shall arise.

Three opposed the Dark One's might:
Rat and Horse and Hare of White.
Two shall pass, and one remain
'Til Dark One shall arise again.
But all shall stem the Dark One's flood,
For power dwells in children's blood.

Ages pass, and blood-lines blend;
Father's foe is child's friend.
Heroes Three, and countless more
who stood against the Dark One's war:
Blood of servants of the Light,
with Starchild's gift, their powers unite.

Two shall rise and chase a Spark:
Key and Vessel, Light and Dark.
One shall quest to save the earth;
One shall host Dark One's rebirth.
Their battle shall at last presage
the utter end of Felix' Age.

Storms shall come and shake the spire;
Age shall end in rains of fire.
Key and Vessel shall decide,
by death, if world lives or dies.
A Hand seals truth behind a door--
the vision dies, I see no more.