1000 Words II - Contest Results

In February 2003 I staged a sequel to the "1000 Words" contest, in which contestants are challenged to write a story, at least a thousand words long, based on a particular picture. You can read about the judging system I used here.

The Picture:

The Stories

Stories are presented as they were received for the contest, without editing, so as to accurately convey the technical skills of the authors. Edited versions of some stories may appear at a later date, if submitted by their authors.

My comments for each story are listed separately on that story's page. Authors' email addresses have been spam-protected.

And now, let's begin the countdown...

11th Place: The Dreamscape Chalice, by Vorec

10th Place: Hunter and Hunted, by Lu-Man

9th Place: Quest for the Dragon's Heart, by Volk-Oboroten'

8th Place: Heterophenomenology with Werewolf, by Greyflank

6th Place (tie): The Eyes of D'aar, by Cubist

6th Place (tie): Breathing Exercises, by Michael Bard

4th Place (tie): The Myth of Arial, by A. Newton

4th Place (tie): Deus Ex Video, by Ironhorse

3rd Place: To Walk With Shadows, by Xepher

2nd Place: At the End of Justice, by Mystic

1st Place: The Wild, by Ryx

And that's all he, she, and/or it wrote, folks! It's been a real pleasure running this contest, and reading all the wonderful stories that it produced -- getting all these cool new tales to add to Raven's Lair is, to my mind, well worth the cost of the prize. Thanks again to all our contestants -- and to the rest of you, thanks for reading!



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