1000 Words III - Contest Results

In December 2003 to January 2004 I hosted the third iteration of the "1000 Words" contest, in which contestants are challenged to write a story, at least a thousand words long, based on a particular picture. You can read about the judging system I used here.


The Picture:

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The Stories:

Stories are presented as they were received for the contest, without editing, so as to accurately convey the technical skills of the authors. However, in the case of Kira I have added section breaks to represent the breaks between "scenes" in the story as it was submitted. I have also italicized "internal" dialogue in Dealing with the Faerie, since it helps provide clarity and Bard was unable to do so in his plain-text submission of the story. Edited versions of some stories may appear at a later date, if submitted by their authors.

My comments for each story are listed separately on that story's page. Authors' email addresses have been spam-protected.

And now, let's begin the countdown...


6th Place: Illusion, by Vorec

5th Place: Hornet's Nest, by Steve Zink

4th Place: Charity, by Champion

3rd Place: Kira, by Mystic

2nd Place: Force of Nature, by Glory

1st Place: Dealing with the Faerie, by Michael Bard

And so another Raven's Lair writing contest comes to a successful end. Thanks again to all the contestants -- and, as always, thank you for reading!


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