Shadow Man

Inspired by Susan of El Goonish Shive


I used to dream of princes who would brave a dragon's lair
Or an evil wizard's tower, just to rescue maidens fair
They were noble, kind, and gallant, and the best a man could be
But now the very best of men doesn't seem like much to me.

Because now I can't forget you,
The lies you tried to make me say;
Your lips had spoken promises
But your heart had gone astray.
And in my dreams you haunt me now
And drive me far from love's embrace
The heroes all are dead to me
By your deeds they've been erased
And now the shadows fall across your face.

Oh, Shadow Man, if I could see you now, what would I say?
Would I tell you all the dreams that died on the day you went away?
Would I tell you how the heroes vanished, and the reasons you're to blame?
Well, I'm sure I'd find some words to say if I could just recall your name.

How can I believe in love
When I've seen the way yours died?
How can I open up my heart
And let someone inside?
No, my heart is too afraid to trust
And my soul cannot be free
For your shadow lies before my eyes
And it colors all I see
And a shadow's all that's left of you to me.

Well, I'd like to think that somewhere in this world there is a way
To dispel this ghost that haunts my dreams and drive this shade away.
To be rid of all this poison that has filled my jaded heart
It may not be knights and fairy tales, but it at least would be a start.

Father, your sins may have damned you
But I won't let them damn me
I won't let my chance for happiness
Be corrupted by your treachery
I don't know if there are heroes out there
Who will stand up for what's right
But I've had enough of faceless wraiths
Who would keep me in this night.
I'm forgetting you and walking toward the light.

Copyright 2006 by Raven Blackmane. Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License. Click the link for more details on what you can and can't do with my stuff. :)

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