10. You notice that your last three dungeons have had exactly the same layout.

9. He chooses the next monster you're going to fight by opening the Monster Manual to a random page and pointing.

8. He tells you that in order to open the door to the treasure vault, you must complete a puzzle of the ancients. He then hands you a crossword puzzle and goes over to the couch for a nap.

7.You have had to kill more than 20 monsters of the same type in one gaming session.

6. The first ruler your party was introduced to was a colorful, complex NPC with a rich family history, half a dozen noteworthy advisors and officials, and a personal agenda with no less than three major goals and two contingency plans. The latest ruler your party has met is "some old guy with a crown and a fuzzy robe".

5. Your party has picked up a Helm of Opposite Alignment, three cursed rings and a Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity -- and that's just in the last dungeon.

4. Your party is now accompanied by an annoying NPC whose only talent seems to be insulting the other party members.

3. The women in your party are all captured by an evil warlord named "Mannrohd the Impaler".

2. The men in your party are all captured by an evil sorceress named "Dominara the Emasculator".

And the number one sign your DM needs a break...

1. "Hey everybody! Let's watch the D&D movie!"


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