All I Want For Christmas

Inspired by Ellen and Nanase of El Goonish Shive

If I believed in Santa Claus, if the stories all were true
Then the one gift I would ask him for is eternity with you.
Though the world is full of wonders and I've tasted all its charms,
All I want for Christmas is to hold you in my arms.

For so long I was afraid to want another woman's touch
I was drowning in the depths of shame, but you came and pulled me up
Now I'm walking on the water, 'cause I've finally realized
That all I want for Christmas is to feel you by my side.

I would pull you down upon the bed and unwrap you like a gift
I'd drink deeply of the sweetness I would find between your lips
I would gently run my fingers over every curve and line
And I would hold you close and hear your heart as it beat along with mine

If I could call you lover, then you could call me wife
'Cause the one thing I desire is to be your own for life
I would call on every Christmas angel, and swear this much is true:
That all I want for Christmas is eternity with you.
Yes, all I want for Christmas...
Is forever, here with you.


Copyright ©2005 by Raven Blackmane. Creative Commons License
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