About Me!

Kasumi! NAME: SamanthaALIAS(S): Samapuma, Leggs, Lovely Goddess UkyouAGE: 26 (I am NOT afraid of my age!!!) {insert evil laughter here!}MARRIAGE STATUS: Married (Since September 26, 1999)BIRTHDAY: November 27,1972SIGN: SagittariusPROFESSION: Visual Specialist (Sears)STATE RESIDENCE: San Diego, CA

HOBBIES: Learning Japanese, Drawing Japanese Anime, Daydreaming, Role-playing Games, Just plain drawing!!!!

Favorite Things!

MUSIC: Pop, Dance Pop, Techno, Alternative, Some Hard Rock and Thrash, and Japanese AnimeCOLORS: Blue and Red (However, I like to wear white.)ANIMALS: Dogs and HorsesFLOWERS: Peonies and ChrysanthumsANIME: Dragonball, Z, and GT!!, Oh My Goddess!!, Bastard!MANGA: Drakuun, Dragonball Z, Silky Whip, Sailor Moon, Oh My Goddess!COMICS: Battle Chasers, Gold Digger, Crimson, (However, I am not able to collect it! :()


Miscellaneous: Melted or slimy food, Fish(Allergic), Allergies, Things out of ABC, 123 orderGOALS: Become an animator, Go to college next year, Open up my own business, Write music, Become Multi-lingual!! (Japanese, French, Spanish, and Swahili)PERSONAL GOALS: Become more self-confident!!!