Many of us remember with fondness a summer day camp, counselors screaming at us, kids running, pushing, biting, being herded into small spaces for lunches, activities... okay maybe it's not so fun. But I'm sure you all remember with fondness the wonderful camp songs that 1000 other people sang at the top of their lungs, thus rendering any lyrics indecipherable. Well fear no more! Here, I present to you some of my favorite Horribly Annoying Song Lyrics. All you have to know are the tunes. I might post 'em in MIDI format later if I really want to waste my time. ^.^

Stay on the Sunny Side (c/o James S. Cole)

The Song that Never Ends (c/o San Ramon Valley Day Camp )

If I Go Crazy (c/o Mr. Mellon)

My Version of Polly Wolly Doodle (c/o Arthur Pearson and here.)


Gray Squirrel (wonder if they knew how significant this one was for me. ;) )

How many bottles of beer? (c/o Quentin "Cubist" Long)