Frinkenstein in the Year 2525

Rigour Mortis had not yet set in, but the flies would have been taking a definite interest had there actually been any flies. This however, was in the midst of a commercial towing vehicle attached to the space division of Derksen Industries. As the befuddled crew stared on at the twisted form of their former companion, the chest torn wide open and the slimy, scaley, sinuous beast perched sublimely in the gaping hole staring back at them, they each bore the expression I'll-be-damned-if-I'm-going-to-clean-this-up.

"I told you to give him pepto-bismol," remarked Lehrer as he glared at the rat standing off to one side holding his tail.

"Frink!" exclaimed the bestial creature perched upon the remains of the body. At that point it made a quick exit, jumping to the chandelier and disappearing into the air duct with a flash of the black and white striped tail.

While Archon stood silently, everyone glared at Genie who had previously proclaimed him a normal, unaltered human."Well he was boring, bored actually."

"I must consult W to determine how to handle this situation,"Captain DanielSan bleated in horror, retreating to #TSA-Tech and its myriad of colourful blinking lights.

Deranged scanned the room, his stolid green eyes casting over the morose and sickened visages of his fellow crewmembers, and then, with great reserve asked, "So, who wants to finish lunch?"

"I'll have the tail," MattRat jumped up and down excitedly, whiskers wiggling.

"No comment," the crew chimed.

Meanwhile, in the vaulted and hallowed chambers of #TSA-Tech, DanielSan lamented the fact they still could not remove Win2K from the system. Logging onto to W, he felt the op course through his body, making his steel wool resonate with electrical might. Sitting down at the console, he flexed his hooves, and began to type:

"\kick Alien"

"Nick no longer on channel"

"Damn," muttered the sheep glaring at the screen. "\setmode +b"

"Nick no longer exists"

"\chances?" @DanielSan typed cautiously, feeling slightly op-timistic.

"Snowball's chance in hell," replied the potato.

Letting out a sheeply growl, he rose from #TSA-Tech, and returned to find the rest of his crew continuing to feat as they watched the corpse decompose batting at the imaginary flies.

"SPOON," shouted Cokane as he lifted a portion of the remains on his cutlery.

"There is no spoon, the dish ran off with it," MattRat pointed out, while Archon stood silently.

"So, what do you suggest, Auntie Genie," Zilvara asked as she snuggled next to the rat.

Yet Genie sat silently, staring blankly at the officer. While they waited for a response, JessieRoo became quite irate and began to grumble. "Would somebody ping Genie already?"

Obliging with his usual aplomb, Cokane smacked Genie with a salmon. Appearing startled, Genie blinked and said, "No we're still collating."

"Your what?" JessieRoo asked in disbelief.

"No comment," Lehrer muttered, keeping his tail away from MattRat.

"We're going to have to go hunting," Phil pointed out, taking out multiple handguns, nukes, knives, sharp sticks, and other concealed weapons, while Critter watched on cutely nibbling on something, we don't know what.

"We don't want any heroics out of you, Phil, it's just a tiny little thing after all. Surely we only need one of these," DanielSan pointed out, hefting the tactical nuke.

"That's what you said last time," Deranged added, recalling the events of the barbecue. "You do remember what happened to Mike Allegreto."

"It was about damn time too," chorused the crew, excepting Archon, who just stood there and smiled.

"Well, we first need to find it," DanielSan suggested. "We need some way to track it."

"I've taken care of that," Genie said, unlagging. "I've constructed this tracking device. It doesn't have much ping, but once you find a good server it gives a good ctpc."

"What does it key on?" asked Critter

"Micro changes in air density,"Genie stated rather proudly.

"Micro changes in air density my tail," groused the Canadian grey kangaroo.

"Ooooh, tail!" MattRat said, his whiskers twitching excitedly.

"Let's split up into teams. MattRat, I suppose you'll be going with JessieRoo and Archon, as you are attached to Jessie's tail at present," DanielSan suggested.

"And I'm not letting go, it's a nice tail!" chimed the rat, as he hugged and stroked with soft paws the nice, long, thick, smooth, appendage with gentle caressing fur.

As the rest of the crew slowly backed away, including Jessie, DanielSan continued splitting the crew up so that they might make balanced servings for the alien. "Cokane, Deranged, and Lehrer, you take the unstable reactor core with all the good yiff spots. Zilvara, Critter, Phil, you go be cute somewhere, Genie, and that officer person, you come with me to the get the mop."

And so they went their separate ways, Cokane making sure his head was turned, Genie lagging behind DanielSan as they cleaned the gibs from the coffee table in preparation for the evening game of Mao. Phil led his team into the depths of cuteness, while MattRat was dragged behind the two engineers as proceeded to the bowels of the ship.

In fact, MattRat was so busy cuddling the long, glorious tail, he almost did not notice the disturbance in the ping.

"Are you sure that thing isn't lagged?" Jessie asked, shaking it a few times, as well as his tail, still trying to futilely dislodge the rat.

"Well, we're not on Baltimore," MattRat pointed out between nuzzles. "So it should be good."

Archon silently moved ahead, holding the net while Jessie reached to unlatch the locker that the tracking device had pinged. Their bodies were tense with nervous anticipation, aside from MattRat who had other things on his mind. And then, as he dropped the locker down, a burst of black and yellow flew out and landed on Jessie's head.


And without further ado, the creature leaped from Jessie's forehead and down the hall.

"Damnit, it was just Ramen! I almost could have killed him!"MattRat said, the shock having frightened him so much, that he'd accidentally let go of the tail.

"Damn," muttered Jessie, without context. "Well, somebody is going to have to go get him, otherwise we could bag him again."

MattRat reached out and clutched the kangaroo tail to his chest. "Sorry, I've got other things on my paws."

They both turned to stare at Archon, who just slumped his shoulders and stalked off after the noddle cat. "All right, you go get Ramen, and we'll move on," Jessie said, patting his fellow engineer on the shoulder as he continued to try to shake off the perpetual rodent.

Archon just walked after the cat, his lanky body silently treading the corridors. Using his keen sense of smell, he tracked the ship's pet down to the stable lambda reactor core. Perched on one of the machines was Ramen, sitting like a coiled spring. As Archon approached, he pounced and flew into the air, ducking behind the machine and heading into the cooling room. Archon paused, staring after the cat, when he noticed the strange skin upon the ground.

He blinked as he stared at the mysterious once flesh. For it was scaley, and at one end, was a log fluffy black and white tail. Taking it into his paws, he decided to bring it back as a gift for Matt to free his fellow engineer from the rat's vile clutches.

Stalking after Ramen, he walked beneath the spilling water, stood traditionally for a moment and let it wash through the fur on his face. Then, he turned and saw Ramen sulking behind a bulkhead, "Mrow!" Giving Ramen the silent treatment, he walked on over, bent down, and tried to coax the irrascible feline out. Yet, with a hiss, Ramen's back arched, and Archon stood up and turned around, and was faced with a terrible visage.

"Frink!" it cried, before unloading the uzi. Poor Archon only had a moment to scream silently as he glimpsed that long black and white tail, and the fur slowly spreading up its scaley and bony figure. As Archon's body crumpled to the ground, Ramen pounced and sat upon the alien's head, before it slapped him off in annoyance.

Having heard the silent scream, Jessie ran to investigate, dragging Matt behind him. What they saw, made them turn around and run right back to the dining room, upon realizing that they were late for the game of Mao, and would be minus a player to boot!

When they got back, they found the table finally cleaned of the gibs. Around it of course the rest of the crew was sitting, most of them involuntarily, and so MattRat and JessieRoo commenced leading them in a game of Mao. After a few times around the table, Lehrer possessed half the deck, MattRat was down to two cards and sitting on his own tail. With much trepidation, Lehrer placed a card upon the stack.

"Failure to accept penalty card, failure to enact motion, failure to accept, failure to decline, failure to salute the chairman, failure to conceive, five seconds," Chimed the rat as he passed the rest of the deck to the wolf.

"Oh would somebody kill me!" Lehrer said in dismay.

As MattRat reshuffled the deck to give Lehrer yet another card for talking, the alien reached down from the chandelier and fragged the wolf. Irately, MattRat raised the card and handed it up to the bizarre black and white striped being upon the glassware. "Not your turn, illegal killing."

The alien did not appear to be impressed however when he ate the card and left with all of Phil's machine guns.

"They took my guns, just like liberals!!! Now I'm really ticked," Phil said, his ears upright and not rocking for once!

"It looks like we need to flush it out of the vents," DanielSan said dramatically.

"Talking, talking," MattRat said, handing cards to both Phil and DanielSan, who gave him rather dirty looks.

"Point of Order," Deranged added, "I think you should go Captain, the vents could use a good steel wool scrub down."

"Well close up all the hatches behind you, that way you won't be able to escape," Genie suggests.

"That's an excellent idea," the rest of the crew chimed. "We all get pay raises and promotions if you die."

"I'm so honoured to have such a loyal crew," DanielSan said, a tear forming in his eye as he hefted his nuke. "Well, Jessie, Cokane, you two close up all the maintenance hatches. Zilvara, Critter, you two be cute. Phil, you and that officer thing go make some more weapons. MattRat, you and Deranged clean up this mess."

MattRat bore an unpleasant moue, "I'm not cleaning up his gibs! He should do it, he made the mess!"

"No comment," Deranged said as he got the mop.

The rasp of wool on steel followed DanielSan as he climbed into the air ducts, while Cokane watched the ping rate pulse. "Okay, I've got you nice and good. :)"

"I'm going to try to force it towards the air lock. Do you have a ping on it?"

"What's its nick?" Cokane asked a he fiddled with the controls. He was not used to the new AOL interface.

"Try frink, that is all he seems to say."

Cokane nodded."Hmm, yes I've got something now. Oh no, DanSan get out of there, move DanSan move!!! The ping is decreasing!"

DanielSan stared about the black murky tunnels, and the shiny one behind him, watching the shadows twist and move. With heavy breath he finally launched himself down the ladder, rust falling all about him as he moved.

"No, DanSan, that's the wrong way, that's the split!" Cokane shouted. But it was too late, for the DanSan turned, and saw the black and white fur shining in his eyes.

"Frink!" resonated down the corridors, and then all was silent.

"Okay, dibs on the captain's quarters!" Deranged called out, amidst a chorus of disappointed murmurs, as they had not been first.

"There has to be some way to defeat this thing," MattRat said as he clutched his own tail, looking forlornly at the unfinished game of Mao. "We have to finish this game. Genie, any suggestion?"

Genie furrowed her brow. "No, we're still collating."

"Bullshit," JessieRoo exclaimed. "You're lagged."

MattRat gently rubbed the end of his tail across his nose. "I have access to W now, I can get my own answers thank you."

"As you wish," Genie replied, saluting with one hand.

"Phil, how are our weapons?" MattRat asked, looking at the bunny who was gnawing silently in the corner.

"We have plenty of sharp sticks, but nukes knives and guns we're a little low on. I can always go and retrieve more from my quarters."

MattRat nodded. "Phil, you take Cokane and the officer person and get a good supply. Zilvy Critter, you two stay here and be cute."

"Yes Uncle!" Zilvara chimed in as she snuggled to the rat.

"Deranged, Jessie, get Genie unlagged please."

Jessie just glared at the rat for giving him such an impossible mission, but at least Matt was clutching his own tail and not his. The rat however had already departed for #TSA-Tech, a place he swore he would never enter. But the time had come for him to make the supreme sacrifice and accept his true place among the ops.

Stepping fully into the room with all the blinking lights, he logged onto W. @MattRat slowly began to type, his claws taping along the keys and they beeped at him incessantly. "Request clarification on how to kick alien?"

"No clarification available. Special Order 937 prevents kicking."

Taking a deep breath, @MattRat typed, "\Clarify Special Order 937"

"Unable to clarify. For Genie's host only."

Clenching his claws together, his tail absently stroking itself, @MattRat continued his dance upon the keys. "\Executive Override 100798 [Give it to me damnit]"

"Special Order 937: Retrieval of Lifeform for Derksen Industries Weapon Division. The List of Those Who Shall be Spared has been purged. Good luck!"

Leaning back in the chair, @MattRat logged off of W, and noticed that Genie was in the room with him. "There is an explanation for all of this, you know," she said, smiling amiably.

"There is?" MattRat jumped up, grabbed Genie by the collar and throttled her and threw her against the wall. "I don't want an explanation! I want to the finish the damn game!" He then stormed out of #TSA-Tech, checking on the channels to see if Phil had returned with the weapons yet.

However, Phil had indeed made it to his quarters, and as they were unloading all of the equipment, Cokane discovered a trout. "I think I will just use this, it feels right somehow," Cokane remarked, hefting his mighty fish.

Yet when he saw the wide-eyed expression of Phil staring past him, he knew that he going to have the opportunity to use that trout. Turning about, Cokane tried to slap the black and white tailed alien, who seemed to have far more fur than he recalled, with his mighty fish. Yet with the swipe of one paw and a "Wheeooo", the fish flew from Cokane's grip, and the submachine gun peppered the fox's body.

Phil blinked in horror and cried out, "Let's get out of here!" And proceeded to hop away.

The officer's head nodded off, and rolled across the floor sadly.

Meanwhile, MattRat had returned to the Mao table, and discovered that the others were not there. As he checked over each of the piles, meticulously straightening them, he realized that he was not alone in the room. Turning, he could see Genie standing in the doorway, watching him. Feeling quite uncomfortable, Matt quickly tried for one of the other doors, but it shut before him.

"Genie, I wish you would open the door," MattRat said, his voice carrying a depth and a simmering fury.

"Improper syntax. Please rephrase wish," Genie recited, coldly and calculating.

Running to the next door, it also slid shut before him. Locked in the with Genie, he was a rat in a trap. "I wish you would open the door, Genie," He said, his voice slow, but grinding.

"Improper syntax. Please rephrase wish," again that broken record sounded. As he approached closer to Genie, he noticed something strange above her eye.

"Genie, what's by your eye? Is that code?" MattRat asked, before slamming his fist into Genie's chest only to find it recursive.

Suddenly frightened, MattRat tried to run, but Genie grabbed him by the tail, and flung him across the room, knocking the Mao table over, and scattering the cards everywhere. The rat felt his hopes and dreams dashed in that moment. As he lay there, recumbent upon the seats, he saw Genie tower over him, grabbing a prescripted wish description, bunching it up in her hands, and began to shove it into his muzzle!

Chocking unbearably, he tried to beat at her chest, but still the unwanted description was forced into his throat. The worst part was, it was for a creature without a decent tail! However, out of the corner of one of his eyes, he glimpsed salvation: JessieRoo... and more precisely, his big, thick, long and juicy tail.

Before he could dream of the white wine sauce he wished to marinate that tail in, Jessie stood at Genie's side, tugging at her arms, and trying to drag her off the squirming rat. Genie turned and gripped Jessie by the snout and slapped his nose silly, after all, how dare he question Genie's presence!

Deranged was there a moment later, with one of the late Cokane's trouts in paw. With a mighty fwap, he smote the back of Genie's neck! Suddenly, she fell back, spitting out awful streams of looped code, interweaved and without any comments. Jessie smacked her more with his fists, while she twirled and spewed out the vile ichor.

"A bot! Genie's a goddamn bot!" Jessie exclaimed in horror, though he could not resist letting a bit of a smile pierce his muzzle.

"No wonder she was always lagged and collating," Deranged pointed out, as MattRat gasped, reached out and latched onto Jessie's tail, running his muzzle across its smooth, creamy length. He could not help but shed a tear as he gazed longingly at the strewn cards, knowing that the game of Mao was truly irrecoverable.

Phil, Zilvara, and Critter returned, with the weapons in tow then, gasping as they came upon the grisly scene. Zilvara looked aghast at the pile of strewn code, noting that there was not even a pointer. "Auntie Genie!" she cried, and would have flung herself in MattRat's arms, but his arms were busy holding onto Jessie's tail, as the kangaroo tried to pry him off again.

"We have to see if we can question Genie. She might know how to kick the alien," Matt pointed out after he managed to wipe his tears upon the fur of Jessie's tail.

"Genie, tell me a secret," Phil said dramatically as he clutched his newly sharpened sticks, lines of handguns stretched about his middle.

"That's fowl language!" Genie spat as incoherent code babbled forth from her gaping maw. "Phil is now a duck."

"I've had about enough of this, and I'm asking you to kick her off," Jessie said, glaring back at MattRat who was attempting to embed himself in the nice, long kangaroo tail.

MattRat reluctantly reached over with one foot, but Genie stopped him. "Not yet."


"I can't lie to you about your lag, but you have my sympathies," and at that, Genie smiled up at them all.

With a ferocious bit of spite, MattRat gave Genie a good kick. But as she was so lagged, she did not instantly disappear. Looking back at the rest of the ill-fated crew, his whiskers twitching in rage, he declared, "We'll crash the undernet. We'll take our chances on dalnet, blow up the channel!"

Nodding gravely, they each began to file one by one from the room. Last of course, was JessieRoo, who had turned around so that MattRat might actually leave before him. Taking one of the incinerators, he unleashed a great gout of yellow fire, that obliterated the last of Genie's code. Glancing back, Deranged's brow furrowed and he said, "I always thought you hated flamers."

Jessie gave him a look, but Deranged didn't want it, and so they continued on their way through the bowels of the ship. They noticed a strange smell, but once they left the bowels it got better.

"We need ops to run the channel," MattRat pointed out as they came to an intersection. "Phil, you take Zilvara and Critter to #TSA_OPS, and go get all the @ you can carry. Deranged, Jessie, you invite me to Dalnet and we'll prep the channel. We'll all meet back here in seven minutes, give or take lag, and I'll throw the switches to kick W."

Phil nodded, and with Zilvara and Critter following cutely behind him, they worked their way into the infrastructure of the ship, seeking out the @. It did not take them too long to locate the @, for they were very sweet and tasted good with that sugar frosting.

Meanwhile, Jessie and Deranged were prepping the ship, while MattRat combed Jessie's luscious tail with his paws. One of the first things they had done was to voice all crew members so that they could hear them in Dalnet. Yet, one of the most prevailing and annoying was the constant, "Mrow!"

"Ramen!" MattRat said, his voice muffled by Jessie's fur."We have to find Ramen"

"We have to find Ramen?" Deranged asked bemused.

"Yes, we do," the rat declared. "Jessie needs to stay here to prep the ship, and since I am rather attached to him, I have to stay as well. Deranged, go get the cat."

Sulking dejectedly, but his four tails a twitching, and catching the rat's eye briefly, the kitsune wandered back down through the ship. Grabbing a small container, he looked around the channel list for a few minutes, before suddenly, just as he was pushing a chair out of the way, out jumped Ramen, landing briefly on Deranged's head.

"Ramen!" Deranged exclaimed in sudden fright. "God damn you!"

Ramen just sat there though, perching sublimely and mrowing. Deranged grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, and stuffed him into the container, closing it tight so that the cat could not get out of the bag.

Taking the container in one paw, Deranged stood up, and made ready to head back to Dalnet, when a shrieking strident noise rose up from the ground, and the kitsune felt a terrible grip about his legs. Dropping the container to one side, he cried out, as the merciless resounding of "Frink!" filled the air. A furry paw placed itself over his face as he clutched at the fragments of the floor, trying to drag himself from the awful brink, but it was of no use, for soon, he disappeared into the darkness, his screams silencing a moment later.


And before the cat, rose a gaunt figure, white fur across its chest, while behind it swirled a long black and white tail. Golden eyes burned with an inner hunger, smoldering in freakish delight. One could almost see the expression of "Ooooooh, canned lunch!" in its face.






And then, silence.

Meanwhile, while Phil was nibbling idly on a @, Zilvara and Critter were cutely gathering more, a silent creature prowled about their demesnes. "Uncle Phil, how many of these do we have to get?" Zilvara asked as she stacked another on the cart.

Phil wiped his paws guiltily and waggled his ears from side to side. "Oh, at least one more than we were before."

Then, a terrible shadow fell across the small dragonness. Zilvara gazed upwards, her purple form quivering in sudden fright. "Go away, you meanie!"

"Get out of the way, Zilvara, get out of the way!" Phil bellowed, while Critter chirped insanely, yet cutely, to one side.

Zilvara however was rendered immobile in fear as she stared at the horrible countenance.

Over the speakers, Jessie and MattRat could hear the screaming and they immediately grew very concerned. After all, one could not play Mao without at least four people. "Phil? Zilvara? Critter?" Jessie messaged, but they only continued to cry out in fear. The kangaroo then ran from Dalnet back to #TSA_OPS, in hopes that he could reach them in time. Of course, MattRat was brought along too, as he was still hugging the tail.

However, given the terrible alien's proximity to Zilvara, Phil could not wait for rescue, and he dare not throw one of his pointy sticks for fear it might hit his niece. In desperation, Phil hurled himself at the fiendish creature, but it saw him coming, and turned, grabbing him by the ears, and lifted him up. Lips curled back while Zilvara cried out in horror, and Phil continued to shout, "Get out of the room!"

And then, with a quick rail gun shot, it fragged the poor rabbit. Turning towards Zilvara, who was cowering in the corner. Approaching, its arms swishing and its long tail slowly moving between Zilvara's legs. Then, it suddenly stopped as its golden eyes peered down at the quivering dragonness. And then, placing the back of its paw against its forehead, it lamented, "I can't! She's just too cute!" And then, with one swipe of that same paw, it removed Critter's head.

Jessie and MattRat arrived only moments later, but of course, the alien had slipped away, leaving Zilvara in the room with the gibs of the others. Suddenly, but still, rather slowly, MattRat came to realize that some things were more important than long thick tails. Removing himself voluntarily for the first time from Jessie's tail, he stood and gave his niece Zilvy a big hug. He then turned to Jessie, "Take her to Dalnet. I'll go kick W."

Jessie nodded, took Zilvara's small paw in his own, and led her away from #TSA_OPS. MattRat took a different route, wandering through the halls of the ship until he came face to face with the switches for W. Unscrewing the panel, he saw the two handles, and slowly pulled them down, as they resisted and clunked. Instantly, another access panel lifted up, and he was quick to move over.

Staring at the console, he read the instructions on how to kick W for a moment. Grabbing each of the cylinders, he screwed them into the proper place, and watched as the pylons rose high. With the fourth and final pylon lifted, a \notice was sent to the channel. "Warning, W has been kicked. This channel will self-destruct in T-minus, ten minutes. The option to override automatic detonation, will be lagged in T-minus five minutes."

MattRat stood up, but found something entwining about his body before he could run to Dalnet. With a brief period of shock, he realized it was the long and fluffy black and white tail of the alien. His body convulsed first in bliss, and then in fear, as could feel the claws of the alien's paws scritching his back a bit too deeply. The thick muff of the tail wrapped over his face, and his dreams came true, he was smothered in tail.

Jessie and Zilvara had a bit of trouble getting back to Dalnet, in order to fill up a potential plot hole. They waited as long as they could for MattRat to arrive, but he did not show, despite numerous \invites. And so, they set mode Dalnet +i, and split from Undernet.

As their channel fled, the lag getting greater and greater, they listened to the countdown. "Ten. Nine. Eight. Six I mean Seven. Five. Four. Three. Two. One." And then, with a brilliant spire of yellow light, Undernet exploded, showering debris for many millennia of lag.

"We got you!" Jessie exclaimed, as he set Zilvara down. "But I got Genie, so ha!" He smiled down to Zivlara, and pointed her to one side of the shuttle. "Go play over there by the space suits. I'm going to get all the @ secured."

Zilvara nodded, and wandered on over to the space suits. On a whim, she slipped one on, feeling the comfortable fabric over her scales, and looking at her reflection in the shiny face plate. She then turned and looked back at Jessie, who was leaning over one of the panels


Suddenly, a furry arm burst out from the wall, grabbing Jessie's ears and smashing him against the bulkhead. Bones snapped then, and the alien dropped the form, leaving it recumbent upon the ground, a twisted mass that was a testament to this vile creature's destructive hostility.

"Hello! My name is Zilvara. You killed my Aunties and Uncles! Prepare to die!" Zilvara cried out.

The alien turned to consider the small dragonness in the space suit sitting in the cockpit, strapping herself in. Advancing upon her form, the long stripey tail swirling back and forth, golden eyes gleaming with hatred Yet, before it could reach her, Zilvara slipped a shiny coin into the control panel, and lots of flashing lights came across the screen. Before she could even remark on how pretty they were, the airlock door swept open, and the air was sucked out.

The alien grabbed at the side of the door, but Jessie's body fell into its chest, and sent it sailing out into the depths of cyberspace. But it was able to grab onto the side of Dalnet, and climbed along the side of the code towards the engine. With another coin, Zilvara activated the engine, with ignited with a deafening roar, and the alien, charred, was sent flying into the nothingness of spam.

And as Hanson's Romantic Symphony began to play on the ship's CD player, Zilvara sat back, closed the airlock, and began to speak into the computer. "This is the last log of the channel #TSA_list. All of the crew are dead, Archon, Cokane, Lehrer, Deranged, the Officer, JessieRoo, MattRat, Phil, Critter, Genie, and Captain DanielSan. Oh, and Ramen. This is Zilvara, the last surviving member of #TSA_list, logging off."


The End (About damn time!)

The List of Those Who Shall Be Blamed:
Ridley Scott(from whom all ideas have been stolen)
Deranged Kitsune(Upon whose computer this travesty was perpertrated)
Jason Lehrer(We're not sure what he did, but best to get rid of him anyway)
Sue(Blame Sue, she made the costumes)
Crystal(MattRat's dog, and the true force behind this!)

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