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Section Four
Introduction to the Universes

  1. Agent of Change

  2. The Ancient

  3. Anilam IV


  5. Business as Usual

  6. Changeling Chronicles

  7. The Chef

  8. Echoes (aka Titanic, aka Frost and Fire)

  9. Farmer

  10. The Fox Kid

  11. The Fraternity of Mu Gamma



What precisly constitutes a story universe depends on who you ask.  It could be as little as a few simple characters to an elaborate setting.  It can have almost no rules, or can be as detailed as an Einsteinian equation.  Pay attention to the difference, and follow the rules laid down.  It'll make everyone all the happier.

If a universe's creator would like his or her universe to be listed within the FAQ, it is their responsibility to get that information to me. A universe will continue to be listed in the FAQ even if new stories are not being written in it, unless the creator officially declares it "dead." For the most part, story universe information has been provided by the creator of the universe, unless otherwise noted.

Many authors are very willing to allow people to write in the universes that they have created. However, if you write a story set in their universe, be respectful of the guidelines that they have set down for their universe, and realize that they have final say as to whether your story is canonical for their universe. What "canonical" means is that they have final say as to whether your story really happened in their universe or not. They have that final say because it may be your story, but it's their universe you wrote it in.

  2. [Universe creator: Rod Smith (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: Rudy Hastings was investigating sightings of a centaur and a dark angel near the Daniel Boone National Forest. A tired old man, recently widowed, searching out the unexplainable has long been an interest of his. Now it is all that keeps him going. He expected a hoax or-at best-a simple explanation. What he found was a strange man with the power not only to change others, but to empower them. What does the mysterious Mr. Sershay plan to do with his power and his cronies? However strange and country-hollow provincial he seems, Sershay isn't stupid. And why do all the people he transforms seem to reflect something from Greek mythology? Can Rudy protect innocents from falling prey to this man's schemes? Can he even save himself?

    GUIDELINES: All stories by someone other than me must take place after Sershay is dealt with. There are about two dozen people who are changed before this, and none after. All were either his flunkies, customers or kidnap victims. The last class were generally changed into something either harmless or of very low power, and about half had their minds altered to make them subservient. (Examples of this are the two female satyrs, who used to be a middle-class black couple who were camping in the Forest. They are now very timid, incapable of speech and about as intelligent as chimpanzees.) Exceptions are the young twins, brother and sister, who were transformed into female centaurs. They have retained their minds and memories. (They are also both with colt.) Customers are people who paid Sershay to change them. These range from a mob boss who is now the personification of Hades, Lord of the Underworld (some of his henchmen were changed appropriately) to a elderly rich man who now seem to be Bacchus. It is not necessary for the changed person to be a specific character from Greek mythology, but they should fit the spirit.

    Be sure to note at the end of the story that Agent of Change was created by and is copyrighted to Rodford E. Smith.

  4. [Universe Creator: Captain Webster. (E-mail: none)]

    SYNOPSIS: This world is peopled by various men and women who are indebted, either by blood relation or some other form of binding obligation, to a very old man. They always meet with the man, one at a time, in a musty room that is filled with bric-a-brac from his adventursem life. The room, and the house it sits in, apparently moves randomly about the as each meeting takes place in a different section of the world. During the meeting their attention is invariably drawn to some oddity in the room, which the old man then recounts the story behind. The first story written in this universe also happened to be Captain Webster's first submission to the list...The Dung Beetle. Each story reveals how the Ancient came in possession of the object. They run the gamut from the comedic (The Dung Beetle) to the utterly horrific (The Hand of Glory). The universe is open to other authors, and has been written in by Dr. Isocelese.

  6. [Universe creator: Greg Williams (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: This story is set in the Star Trek universe. Over a decade ago the Starship SINCLAIR was on a follow-up mission to explore a star system and find the cause of the ship that was lost exploring the area nearly 200 years ago. They encountered an unusal form of radiation and started to change. Shortly after the ship was destroyed.

    The Dominion War has been over for at least a year and the colony of Anilam IV has been established. Populated by former Starfleet officers looking to start a new life. The Anilam system has no stategic value and was left alone during the war. The colony's town has been established. Leonardville, named for the recently deceased Starfleet legend Admiral Leonard McCoy.

    One night a meteorite crashed several miles from the colony. Immediately after the colonists all began changing. The human colonists anyway. Half-human colonists only partially changed and all aliens like Vulcans and the like stayed the same.

    GUIDELINES: All chars must be former Starfleet officers. The Dominion War took a lot out of Starfleet and the people here need to start a new life.

  8. [Universe Creator: Bud Bennett (E-Mail: "]

    SYNOPSIS: The ANPIMAT universe involves a regular Earth setting somewhere around the late 1990's, early 2000's. Dr. Sunraf has developed a new kind of nanobot called the ANPIMAT (Automatically Neurally Programmed Inter-Molecular Anemometer Tools) which he has been experimenting on. By accident he becomes polymorphic as a result of contaminating himself with the ANPIMATs and decides that he needs to further his own research privately.

    Through a sequence of events and a massive manhunt, the Doctor ends up in scuffle with two specially modified polymorphic FBI agents and as a result, both the doctor and the two agents die in the resulting fight.

    A professor who reverse engineered the ANPIMAT's for the US goverment ends up going crazy over the fact that a US general wants to create a special breed of "Super Soldiers". He decides that it must be all or nothing.

    His first move was infecting the New York City water supply. As a result, all of New York has broken out into riots, the majority of the population suddenly becoming polymorphic.

    Havoc ensues. :) I feel that the "Rules" in this Universe are a bit too complex to list in this FAQ so I'd rather you E-Mail me with 20,000 questions. :)

    Please consult me before you plan on writing in this Universe. I encourage you to read all of my stories before deciding to write in this Universe.

  10. [Universe creator: Caitlin B. (E-Mail: "]

    SYNOPSIS: Baby boomers undergo various transformations which are typically temporary in exchange for years being taken off their age. Changes occur over three years, are always numerous enough that you are of no interest to the National Enquirer and never so numerous that the transformed redefine society.

    PREMISE: For three years, starting on January 1st, 1998 all those born from January 1st, 1950 through December 31st, 1961 will be given an option on their birthday which is a multiple of three: 39th, 42nd, 45th or 48th. For each of the three years: the option will be given to those born in:

    During 1998: 1950, 1953, 1956, 1959
    During 1999: 1951, 1954, 1957, 1960
    During 2000: 1952, 1955, 1958, 1961

    The change is instantaneous, occurring the first time you are asleep after your birthday starts. If you are pregnant, the option is deferred for one year.

    All those eligible woke up on January 1, 1998 knowing and understanding the above. The "Business As Usual" phrase came from President Clinton, to emphasize that most people are not affected and that society can proceed "normally." A lot of the dramatic tension should arise from the insistence by the rest of the world that things are supposed to be 'business as usual'.

    OPTIONS: All genetic changes are done by swapping with your domestic partner. Assuming the two were not related before hand they will still have no genes in common after the exchange (i.e. there is no risk of inbreeding created by the exchange, nor does it correct any). Exotic transformations may be risked. Known exotic transformations including hermaproditism and acquiring a light brown fur. Other ideas are allowed, but please note the Restrictions to follow regarding exotics. You cannot be transformed against your will.

    Exotic transformations will be rare, well under 1% of those eligible. The resulting person retains full free will and capabilities. They look different and are shaped differently, but are fully capable of interacting in human society with only minor accommodations, at least they would be so capable if it weren't for there own reactions and those of people around them. The exotics cannot be in anyway physically superior to the general population - the Bribe here is youth and the exotic, not superhero powers.

    DEALS: There is a definite market force at work here. Whatever is behind this wants interesting transformations. Offering to have your hair color changed will probably result in getting two days younger. Permanent gender, racial or exotic transformations are usually good for 25 years.

    DURATION: Unless you explicitly want a permanent transformation you will be restored to your original genetic code, with a corresponding body morph at or before reaching your original biological age. For those inclined to totally rational analysis this makes risking the changes a no-lose proposition. You will have the same life expectancy in your current body no matter how long of a temporary change you decide to sign up for. At any time before your switch back you can decide to make your current genetic code permanent, and receive an extra five years of youth.

    There will be no clues or indications as to what is causing this! People may say they know, but nobody is going to find out over the course of the entire story. Some things remain mysteries. What I wanted to explore with these stories are working and middle class people dealing with changes in things that they never realized so thoroughly defined who they were. Yes, there will be people who will know what they want changed, and eagerly await their magic date and then live happily ever after. They should be supporting characters, they make very boring protagonists.

  12. [Universe creator: Rod Smith (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: Some strange effect momentarily amplifies the power of human creativity, with the result that creative people all over the world are transformed into the character or creature they are thinking about at the moment. (Which is not necessarily what they want to be.) Earth is now full of furries, aliens, elves and more. Not only do the Changelings have to deal with their own transformations, but the fears of normals and the envy of those dreamers who weren't fantasizing when the Change occurred.

    E'eysha the elf narrates her personal tale and those of her friends. Going from a tall human male to a very petite female elf was bad enough, but along with the new body came a set of psionic powers she must learn to master before they cause trouble, as well as a libido far out of proportion to her size. Also, what happens to her and other long-lived Changelings when normals learn the elves and others will outlive them by several generations? And what caused the Change, anyway? Will it happen again?

    Has it happened before?

    GUIDELINES: Keep in mind that these are not superheroes, even if some of the changelings became super hero characters. Aside from the Change, this is still the real world. There is a lot of sex in these stories, and some violence, but mostly they are about people learning to get along after experiencing a major disruption in their lives. Some larger problems are addressed. For instance, E'eysha joins a government agency specializing in solving the problems created by Changeling criminals, and helping those Changelings who become outcasts because of rejection by society to earn acceptance - if not among humans then at least among other Changelings. Be sure to note at the end of the story that The Changeling Chronicles was created by and is copyrighted to Rodford E. Smith.

  13. THE CHEF
  14. [Creator: Terry (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: The Chef causes transformations through food. Sometimes they are immediate, sometimes they are delayed. Sometimes the victims or others forget, sometimes not, it's all up to the writer.

    1. He only goes by "the Chef". No other name. He is also ageless and has been around for a long time. (Though he doesn't look it)

    2. He travels the world, setting up wherever he feels like it. A restaurant isn't always needed (he's willing to cook over a campfire). He does generally cook the food of the area he's in though.

    3. No prepackaged foods. He makes everything by hand.

    4. The TF has to be somehow related to the dish (or an ingredient in the food), BUT it doesn't need to be the food in the dish. (For Example, in Winterlude, BeaverTails caused a Beaver TF, but BeaverTails themselves are just pastries) .

    He is fluent in all languages. A French accent with him has become common, but not necessary; he can pick up any accent he wants or needs to. :)

    See for Chef stories.

    Beyond that, feel free to use him however you want to use him. (If you want to use him). Have fun! :)

  15. ECHOES
  16. [Universe creator: Jon Sleeper; (]

    SYNOPSIS: This is a universe that I created only recently. It has to do with the "Protectors" (Guardian spirits) of certain animal species. The only one of which I've explored is "Orca" the Protector of all whales.

    There are lots of other Protectors out there, and they can be specific or not. But these Protectors often take Disciples...

    It is the Task of the Disciples to keep a watch on humans (their Protector: 'Ape') and guide them on their path to the Stars. Above all the Protectors (whom can be male or female) is their mother: Mother Nature (or Demeter). She is lonely, and humans are around to go to the stars and find other like herself.

    GUIDELINES: Again, the only thing I really ask is that I am contacted first before anything is posted. And hands off any of the characters I use in my stories in either universe.

  17. FARMER
  18. [Universe creator: Dana Short (E-mail:]

    Ok, there is like this Farmer Fellow, he lives on, well, a farm, somewhere in the country. The Farmer is named Sammell Watters, and he lives alone, aside from his lovely daughter Katelyn. Oh, the Farmer has a pretty thick accent, while his daughter, who was apparently sent off to boarding school for her education, speaks perfect English, aside from referring to her father as "Pa". The other residents have varying degrees of accents.

    I figure this is somewhere near Tennessee, but have not nailed down the state to any degree.

    There is a small Mayberry-like town nearby, which hasn't been really mentioned yet in any posted stories, but it is there.

    The Farmer uses sympathetic magic to affect transformations of those who cross his path. Not always, but often enough. (So watch out if he offers you a sheepskin... you may end up getting sheared!)

    A self-imposed rule here is every story needs a punchline. Preferably a pun, but that is really hard to do.

  20. [Universe creator: Rod Smith (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: Howaya Meetu is a fourth-generation Japanese American who knows only a bare few words of Japanese. An art student, he is plagued by a high school guidance counselor who is an unimaginative dullard, bullies who think he's a sissy and strange dreams of a timeless place of beauty and magic. Then he learns that he is a kitsune, a Japanese spirit fox, born into human form. And you thought your high school days were tough! ;-)

    Shortly after this self-awakening, his counselor is taken away in a straight jacket, the basketball team goes to an away game and once there finds that all their uniforms have been replaced with frilly pink tutus, and his girlfriend is plagued by breasts which become mysteriously larger whenever she's around him. How is having the time of his life. All is not fun and games, however. After the senior prom a girl is raped in the parking lot, and her underage assailant is let off with a warning by an elderly judge who figures that boys will just be boys. So what do you think How and his friends are gonna do about this, hmmm?

    GUIDELINES: How is now an art student at the University of Louisville. His girlfriend Tina is there on an athletic scholarship. The general concept is that Fey spirits are voluntarily traveling here from Arcadia to be born as humans, with the hope that they will be able to recall their true selves, and then to learn and grow, something they can't do in their static realm of origin. How knows several Fey, and how to contact the local Council. The Fey don't want humans learning about them, with certain exceptions. Most Fey need a human partner to remain stable. The human in turn has the Fey as a muse, and a source of longevity. How and Tina have shown a talent for solving problems, both mortal and Fey. They could be used to explain to a newly-awakened Fey what has happened. Or you could just ignore them and use all your own characters. Be sure to note at the end of the story that The Fox Kid was created by and is copyrighted to Rodford E. Smith.

  22. [Universe Creator: Mistress Christine Stephanie Charlemagne. (E-mail: none)]

    A coeducational social house-dwelling fraternity, this is a group which has the power to temporarily transform its members into the opposite gender for a time, and many of its pledge rituals involve just such a transformation. The only exception is for the active initiation, in which all participants are transformed into women.