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  1. The Gallery

  2. The Gifted Saga

  3. The Gym

  4. Here & There

  5. Holographhic, Inc.

  6. Human Extinction Agency

  7. Jamie Jeckyll's Jamborie

  8. Lizard

  9. Magic Reborn

  10. New World Awaiting

  11. No More Fakes

  12. Other Worlds

  13. Passing Fad

  14. The Plushie Saga

  15. ReGenisis, Inc.


  2. [Universe creator: Zach (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: The Gallery is a huge Art Gallery on the outskirts of a purposefully unnamed city. The site was derelict until very recently, so much so that the gallery just seemed to appear over night. Almost all of the pictures in the gallery are by the one artist that owns the building, he is known only as 'The Artist' and is a distinguished man of middle age, graying hair and a neatly trimmed goatee beard. There are some works by other artists on the top floor of the gallery (the number of floors is unspecified). Each floor is divided into rooms with different themes and topics, there are paintings on every topic you can imagine.

    The Artist is a very nice man, with one flaw: he doesn't appreciate criticism. He believes everyone should appreciate art, and in specific, his art. This is where the transformation comes in. He will often wander the gallery and discuss if people like his pictures, if they don't they will often find themselves being transported into the picture. The transition is accompanied by a blue flash from the painting and initially the person/people transported will still be in their normal forms, but wearing the required clothing, if any, of whichever character in the painting they are going to assume, they will then slowly physically transform into the character. All transformations are physical only, no mental -- the Artist wishes the people to experience his paintings first hand with no mental distortion. Also, if there are say three characters in the painting then three people are required to fill it even if it is only one who has criticized, this often leads regrettably to innocent by-standers being sucked in to the pictures, although the Artist will try to avoid this where possible.

    Most of the scenes in the paintings are set on Earth so it is in fact possible for the transformed people to return to the gallery if they have the means, although the Artist may not be sympathetic to any requests for restoring original forms, as transformation is only possible through the pictures, he might occasionally allow someone to choose a new painting to live as. Paintings can be set on other world and there is no need for this to be explicitly obvious from the painting.

  4. [Universe creator: Rod Smith (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: What would you do if you suddenly discovered that you could fly? Walk through walls? Start fires with a glance? C'mon, what would you really do? The Gifted Saga attempts to answer this question and two others: If you could choose your appearance, what would you look like? How would the world change if testable, large scale magic suddenly started working? After a mysterious, nuclear-intensity flash in the Florida Keys a new island is discovered there with some strange secrets. At the same time as the flash, several thousand people around the world experienced an odd sensation, as they were Gifted. Some of them even changed into new, often fantastical forms. The rules have changed; spells work now, for anyone!

    The magic has been unleashed.

    Marian Holst became a centauress. Sturdy gained 200 kilograms, all of it muscle and bone. Fleet gained enough speed that he outrun most cars. Kid Power is a super hero, with the powers to prove it. These people and more are the Gifted; normal people who must now deal with the paranormal.

    GUIDELINES: Read the existing stories. Be conservative; very few people got world-shaking powers. These are real people, with families, jobs and histories. The emphasis is on exploring how normal folks adapt to being not-so normal. There are no major government conspiracies; in fact, most governments are trying to ignore the situation, hoping it will go away.

    Exceptions are few, and generally benevolent. For example, Marian Holst was able to get assistance - both financial and procedural - in acquiring a handicapped van with hand controls, complete with the proper parking sticker. While there is some sex and violence permitted, the stories are generally about problem-solving and exploration, and people helping people. Be sure to note at the end of the story that The Gifted Saga was created by and is copyrighted to Rodford E. Smith.

  5. THE GYM
  6. [Universe creator: Jeffrey Fahl (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: A gym that turn people in to animal morphs through the athletic equipment. Run by unknown organization.

    GUIDELINES: Use the gym. has to revolve around things normally found in a gym. So steam baths and hot tubs are ok. Besides that no rules. If someone has a plausible reason why an organization would transform people write it.

  8. [Universe creator: Corey "Fish" Moore (E-Mail:]

    "Here and There" is a series of stories about List members who discover there is a pristine alternate Earth, one unpopulated by humankind's concrete cities, battleships, and bloody warfare. It is, however, graced with the presence of anthropomorphic tribes of animals, and a few small human colonies that strayed into rifts between the worlds and got stuck There.

    People of our Earth can visit There by drinking a specially brewed potion using the fruits grown in orchards There, but this means is only temporary, and it puts the drinker into an animal form for the duration. We discovered logbooks and a primitive nineteenth century fortress left by the chemist Hagen at the turn of the last century as he strove to master the intricacies of alchemy by which the potions were created. Now, his Compound is populated with a few scattered List members, and its safety is threatened by an American corporation which hopes to secure the secrets of There for itself.

  10. [Universe creator: Malisa Sophia Reeve-Powell (E-Mail: none)]

    The year is 1999 and a new company has hit the scene. Hologaphic Inc. has created the worlds first ever 'true to life' adventure game park. Where you pay your money, enter what character you want to be, choose the adventure you want, and then when you enter the chamber you become that character and you live in that world until the game ends. Imagin being a elf in a forest, a stockcar driver in a real race. You can become a horse in a horse race. Become your favorite movie star and live the action as they did also, choosing your own possible path of action. The possibilities are endless and wide. When you leave the chamber, you are again changed back to normal.

  12. [Universe creator: Oren the Otter (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: Many millennia ago, just before the dawn of man, there arose a race of beings on the planet air-of-Quincunx. These beings, known as the nacelites, saw themselves as the curators of everything living. They spread out throughout the galaxy, turning planets into a garden paradises. On those occasions where a biosphere was already present, they left colonies to care for it. This is what happened with Earth.

    Sadly, the preservation of the biosphere sometimes means that a species must be eliminated to protect others. The nacelites have been forced to destroy entire populations of plants or animals, up to and including all remaining species of dinosaur.

    Now they are faced with a true dilemma. For the first time ever, the biggest threat to life on Earth is a sentient race. The nacelites are forced to eliminate humanity. Being basically peaceful creatures, the nacelites believe that it is wrong to kill sentient beings. Therefore, instead of destroying us, they have taken over the planet and subjected the human race to a program of progressive transformations into different animal species.

    GUIDELINES: Nacelites are beings made of plasma. It acts much like a gas, but it is separated into ion streams and electron pools. The interconnecting electron pools make up the nervous system and sensory organs of the creature. Nacelites are naturally telekinetic, but their power can be refined to the microscopic level. If they are trained, they can transform one life form into another. Nacelites can phase through porous materials. They communicate communicate through short range radio and in spoken language, although their words are, for the most part, unpronounceable to us.

    Nacelites can be harmed, but for a human, it is difficult. If a nacelite's particles are dispersed widely enough, it will disintegrate and die. They are extremely vulnerable to electromagnetism, as well as low temperatures. Radiation affects them the same way it does us, but they are much faster at recovering from radiation exposure.

    The Human Extinction Agency itself is the massive bureaucracy created to facilitate the transformation of the human race into animals. It consists of doctors, who perform the actual transformation, enforcers, and a large number of social servants who take care of property and other periphery.

    People are to make appointments every ten moths for five years to go through one of six stages of transformation. People are allowed to choose their own form. Those who will not choose are given one. The stages are as follows:

    1. Ears, claws, and some other minor modifications.

    2. Full morphic.

    3. Legs changed from human to animal, more internal changes.

    4. Arms changed to animal.

    5. Primarily size adjustment.

    6. Full animal.

    Those who cause trouble for the HEA are taken straight to stage 6 in what is referred to as "Forfeiture".

    There is a colony of humans living on Mars, named Plymouth Rock. At the decision of the admiral of the nacelite space navy, those humans determined too troublesome even for forfeiture were dumped here in a self-sustaining colony. At the end of the HEA agenda, Plymouth Rock colony goes to war with the nacelites.

    If you write an HEA story, I only ask that you stick to established guidelines. If you have any other questions, mail me at

  14. [Universe creator: Caleb Jones (E-Mail:]

    It is the year 2000. James Jekyll has gotten his doctorate. His thesis utilized his ancestor's theories, adding modern genetics and biochemistry into the mix. His thesis proved the possibility of altering the DNA of one form into another form He had turned a rabbit into a chicken. He ate the proof of his achievement every morning as fried or scrambled eggs. He was now ready to try it out on humans. To demonstrate to the world, James turned himself into Jamie Jekyll . As the female proof of his work, the scientist is helping humanity into the Transformation Age (T.M.)

    The first thing she did was set up a clinic to perform transformations for the right price. The Jekyll clinic soon gained the nickname of Transformations -R- Us, and clients started to pour in from all over the world.

    Dr Jamie Jekyll is ready to change your world with the first safe genetic transformations. You can change yourself or characters you create. You can change into smaller animals although the transformation takes longer and the the subject must void excess mass through natural means or add it through digested food and water so some transforms would take days or longer. Examples of time for change to occur are Transgender: 3-4 hours; human-horse 8 hrs; human-wolf 12 hrs; human-cockroach 6 days; getting rid of bald spot-1 hour.

    Only I can change Jamie or her mother. Everybody else is fair game if you can get the DNA. (Ask if you want to change Jamie, We could probably change her back when you are done :) And remember, Jamie is not evil, though she can be capable of doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. Her new business associates, customers fellow scientists and assistants can be whatever you want.

    Anybody wanting to be someone else or a wolf, hawk, cat, horse, donkey, dog, gorilla, etc....

    A new world is waiting... for you!!

  15. LIZARD
  16. [Universe creator: Lance Holloway (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: This takes place in the current time frame. On an uncharted island, Dr. Yonts developed an experiment. He wanted to see how humans interacted with each other if they were anthropomorphic animals. The name of the project is Localized Interaction of Zoological Anthropomorphics, Research and Development. LIZARD for short. The inhabitants of Yontsville, the town on the island, are all morphs. They think they have always been that way, and moved to the island. They think the whole world is the same. To them humans, Homo Sapiens as they call them, have been extinct for three thousand years.

    Dr. Giberson was Yonts's assistant. He didn't like the way Yonts was running the experiment. He saw more potential. So, Giberson changed Yonts into a lizard man wiping his memory.

    Giberson sold a shipment of the Animalizer to the USA. He had connections to help sneak it past customs and the FDA. It was immediately discovered and confiscated.

    There are several versions of the formula to change people into animal morphs:

    Version One: This is what Yonts developed first. It just changes the body of the human it is injected into. This is used on employees to interact with the morphs. This is also the version Giberson shipped to the US.

    Version Two: Changes the body and makes the person think that they have always been the animal morph they currently are. The rest of their memory are still there. This is the formula used on all the volunteers to be inhabitants of the island.

    Version Three: This was developed behind Yonts's back. It changes the body and completely erases the memory of the person. Giberson first used this on Yonts to change him into the lizard man named Tim Grey.

    Version Four: This was also Giberson's idea. It changes the body. It erases the old memories and replaces them with new. This way Giberson can transform anyone into any morph, and they will be a completely new person. Usually they are servants to Giberson.

    Version Five: This changes the person completely into an animal, mind and body. Dr. Casada, head of the development, added a safety feature. The person's mind isn't wiped clean and replaces with the animals. The person's mind is stored in the background. The animal would be in control of the body. The human would be along for the ride.

    Currently, Dr. Giberson is now a real gecko. Dr. Casada is in charge of the project. Dr. Yonts/Tim doesn't remember any of his past life, but he discovered who he used to be. He is still living in Yontsville. The Animalizer that was shipped to the US was stored in an FDA warehouse, but Mr. Doolittle broke into the warehouse and stole 400 cases of all different species of Animalizer.

    If you are to use the character of Mr. Doolittle, created by Arthur Pearson, you should respect the following guidelines:

  18. [Universe creator: Gormul (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: Many many years ago, the mages of Queen Styla realized that the world's supply of magic was in danger of running out. They sealed away all the remaining magic in a vault to incubate.

    Thousands of years later, the vault was blown open by a careless idiot. The result was sheer chaos. Anyone or anything with an inherrant capacity for magic absorbed their fair share and was transformed from their mundane self into their "trueform".

    To reign in the chaos, Thomas Hassan created the "magicorps", consisting of hundreds of magically endowed policemen, policewomen, and policethings.

    1. What are the types of magic?
      There are seven types of magic, each with its own color.

      • Spacial (red), useful for size transforms.

      • Alchemical (orange), useful for alchemical, inanimate and state-of-matter transforms.

      • Temporal (yellow), useful for age transforms.

      • Transmutative (green), useful for furry transforms.

      • Psychic (blue), useful for mental transforms.

      • Locomotive (indigo), useful for reverse inanimate transforms.

      • Transpolar (purple), useful for gender transform.

      There is also antimagic, which is black. It does not exist in the vault, but it is out there in the world, and it destroys magic on contact.

    2. Do you transform back when your magic is used up?
      If you were transformed as the result of absorbing magic when the vault erupted, then you turn back to normal when your magic is gone. If someone else transformed you, the effect is permanent until it is deliberately reversed.
    3. Will the vault erupt again?
      Yes. It erupts about once per month.
    4. How do I join the corps?
      If you have any magic ability or law enforcement training and a clean record, the corps is likely to accept you. All you have to do is go apply at Castle Hassan.
    5. What is Castle Hassan?
      Castle Hassan, formerly the Hassan mansion, is a magic castle which sits directly over the vault. It is the home of Thomas Hassan and the headquarters of the magicorps. It also contains their favorite hangout, a social club called the "Crippled Cow".

      The castle defies the laws of physics. It is bigger inside than outside, and is constantly changing.

    6. How do the magicops get around?
      The cops have black and white flying carpets they fly around on, which have lights and sirens just like a regular cruiser.

    Any other questions, please e-mail the creator at

  20. [Universe creator: John W. Hey (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: In June of 1997, a supernova appeared in the night sky. It remained for weeks, growing brighter and larger with each passing night. Suddenly during the hours of dark in the western hemisphere it exploded with a strange green light which remained brilliant through a full day.

    Even now nobody is sure exactly what happened. It may have been the splitting of the universe onto an alternate track, it may be a huge hallucination, or just possibly the odd gods of chaos smiling on us, but it changed. All the Homo Sapiens vanished, completely. It must have been instantaneous because vehicles were left driverless, food uneaten, and baths filling. There were survivors though. Those survivors, the furrs, are those that believed. The ones that wanted to be. The ones that most wished to be their true desire, their furry selves.

    On the eastern seaboard there is a community, a restored colonial village, Williamsburg. It seems to be a gathering point for the survivors as it has a certain attraction for all. As Time passes, many of the survivors head in that direction. This is not an imperative, just an attraction.

    As time passed, the technological world quickly ground to a stop. There was nobody to operate the machinery. Electrical power is mostly but a memory, as is mass transport and worldwide communications. With the end of the power grids and the resultant electromagnetic interference, the great ley lines of the earth have returned to the power and use they originally had. At least this is a belief held by some. Even if this is not the cause, magic has returned to the world. Actually it may be just strangely advanced physics rather than magic because it follows rules.

    Magic has a cost and limits. It works for some, but often poorly. The rule of conservation of energy is still a law of the universe. There is only so much magic in any area. It can be loaned, given, borrowed, stored up, and sometimes stolen, but it has a finite quantity. The greater the population and the higher the use in any physical area, the less there is available to each individual. The use of alternating current interferes with the magic in proportion to its use. Direct current does not seem to have this effect unless it's powering a magnet; then things get strange.

    Psi is a fact for some and again at a cost -- mostly headaches. Luckily the effects are light and diminish with practice and skill.

    There are as many descriptions as there are beings that wear the fur. For the MUCKers, and the others that lived on the great world wide net, the physical characteristics, the gender, the abilities that were there are now ours. Those that wished to be, are as they wished. That persona that was always within us is now what lives The guides, the totems, and the lore, are there. But the world, Gaea, is the world that always was.

    Stories generally start with the transformation, the realization of being, the discovery of others, and the life. From that point on, you're on your own.

    There is a small mailing list for writers. It's Our Story Archive is at

    Interested? Contact us on Tapestries most nights around 6 PM Muck (pacific) time. Or drop an email to

  22. [Universe creator: Louis Epstein (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: On October 31, 1996 in The City (a specific city that is deliberately not named), the Raucous Chicken Club, a mansion or converted mansion is hosting a Halloween costume party. An actual wizard of considerable power appeared nearby on his way to see a man about an amulet. Mistaking a costume wizard for his contact, he followed him into the party.

    After repeated attempts to inquire of the amulet, Alucar probed his mind for the truth. Upon finding himself at a mere costume party, he cried, "I've had it with this roomful of fakes!" and disappeared in a puff of smoke. As a result, everyone at the party was transformed into what they were costumed as, gaining some of the abilities and at times the mindset of that form. Transformations of the body are total. Everyone is transformed physically into their characters. However, there are some restrictions.

    The changes validate all supposed exposed flesh and make what would go under clothes be under the clothes. Costumes without genitalia now need surgery just to urinate! Unfortunately, surgical alterations heal back after time, like normal wounds would on a normal creature of that type. Also, innards are changed, according to what the costumer believes a real version has inside it. Thus a chicken morph may now lay eggs. Finally, size is unaffected. A costumed king Kong will not grow fifty feet, nor will a costumed pixie shrink.

    Mental transformations depend on how "in character" people were during the party. Someone who just looked on the costume as clothes wouldn't be affected, but those consciously thinking of themselves as their characters have trouble regaining their identities. This can range from a few new impulses to entirely forgetting that the old self once existed, and everything in between, like split personalities.

    If a costume had powers, such as a wizard costume, the newly real character will have many of the same ones. However, nobody gets the power to change everybody back to their former selves, or at least not permanently. Transmittable changes, such as from werewolves or vampires, hold true, but the contagion lessions with each generation away from the original changee.

    There are some claims that the transformed will not age, reverting constantly to their current form in a similar fashion to the surgery process. This is not yet confirmed. And unknown to nearly everyone, the powerful sexy wizard Caltherana, who is even more powerful than Alculcar, arrives on earth several days after the event, summoned by some wizards. She is staying with a college kid-turned-wizard. She will not reveal her nature to others unless they ask it, and will... consider it, if they ask to be changed back.

    Note: No one can find anyone who can overturn the rules she will enforce.

    By November fourth, someone has proposed another party at the Raucous Chicken on the 14th, hoping lightning will strike twice.

    The change is noticed by the world at large. Police and federal agents (including the X-Files, which is real here) do investigate, and psychological counselors are called in. The press have a field day.

  24. [Universe creator: Oren the Otter (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: This universe was created for the sole purpose of demonstrating how standard TSA characters function in different realities.  In the pilot story, Oren Verden is taken across multiple planes of reality by Styla, the guardian of all the TSA universes. In the OW universe itself, local versions of TSA authors form the crew of the starship Tessa.

    At the end of the pilot series, the Tessa is called to planet Phaedrus to offer assistance in a planetary chrisis: A bizarre disease is turning everyone into animals. This disease, dubbed the "Phaedrus Factor" is an artificially created virus which mutates its host with alarming speed. The starship Tessa becomes infected with this virus and everyone aboard is altered into animal forms, save a handful of androids, including ROBO, who has himself altered into a female to express sympathy.

    The Phaedrus Factor hides in hyperspace, and thus has resisted all attempts at cleansing. It only becomes active in the presence of warp fields. Thus, it cannot be spread unless an outsider is aboard the Tessa when it goes to warp, or one of the Tessa's crew is aboard another ship as it goes to warp.

    Spacial, temporal and dimensional anomalies are standard fare for OW, so feel free to write in this universe. You can't really do anything to damage it.

  26. [Universe creator: Brian Eirik Coe (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: At the same time all over the world one day, every car on the planet turned into a horse or some derivation of that. Everything that followed from that premise just got stranger...

    Guidlines: None.

    Recommendations: Be creative, have fun, be silly.

    So, if you want to create mythologicals, go right ahead. If you thought of a bizzare little twist that turns motercycle riders into centaurs, small aircraft into pegasi, or cranes into unicorns, then by all means, go ahead! I'll be tickeled! You have an idea that other houshold gadgets go the way of the car, then by all means! You want garbage disposals to turn into raccoons, or toasters into tiny dragons that delight in browning bread, then do it! If it sounds like fun, then do it!

    I reserve no right to pre-approve, nothing will be declared "non-canon". There will be no timelines. If there is contradiction between stories, then that's nice.

  28. [Universe creator: Oren the Otter (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: When a rogue planet entered the solar system, a manned expedition was sent out to explore it before the opportunity was lost forever. The expedition discovered a single life form: a cotton-like plant. The plant was imported to Earth where it did very well. The fibers were no good for fabric-making, but were found to make the worlds softest stuffing.

    What nobody knew is that when this material, called "Pufflin", is subjected to heat and electromagnetism, it forms a neuromuscular net. It is also thought responsive, so it behaves like whatever you wish it to be. With clothing and quilts, this was not a problem. However, the world was soon overrun by a host of inteligent stuffed animals, or "plushies".

    The Plushie saga centers around Joe's Coffee House, a popular hangout for both humans and plushies. The stories are told primarily by a regular at Joe's; Oren Verden, a man who is permanently bonded to an otter suit.

    1. Is pufflin hard to obtain?
      Nope. Many wish it were, but the stuff just grows wild all over.
    2. Are plushies considered people?
      Yes, although not as much as they hope. The world is still in shock, and afraid of plushies. In many places, they are still considered property.
    3. Is there such a thing as a human-plush hybrid?
      Yes. There is Oren, who is bonded to his fursuit. There is Zech, as well as Oren Junior, who are human minds in plush bodies. There is also Jesse, the is a kangaroo with plush wings which serve as an extra brain.
    4. What do plushies eat?
      Plushies live on warmth and hugs (read: heat and bio-electromagnetism).
    5. If pufflin is thought-responsive, can a plushie be mind controled?
      Yes and No. A plushie cannot be mind-controlled once he has developed a complete personality. Once this has happened, his own thought shape his behavior.
    6. Are all plushies good?
      No. Plushies are people. Some are good, some are bad.
    7. Can I write in this universe?
      Please do! I only ask that you not bring in any major anachronisms. No magic, aliens, nanotechnology, etc. If you have questions, e-mail me at

  30. [Universe creator: Bill Hart (E-Mail:]

    SYNOPSIS: The purpose of ReGenesis, Inc. is to twofold: to re-introduce now vanished species and to create and introduce mythological species. It is housed in an enormously large building three stories tall. The first story is where the transformations take place, the second story is office space, and the third is living space for those transformed.

    By definition, from the initial story:

    "Vanished species are those that at one time actually existed, but are now extinct. These are animals like Dodo birds, passenger pigeons, wooly mammoths, Tasmanian wolves, or just about every type of dinosaur ever known. On the other hand, the mythological species are those that have never existed, except, of course, in our imaginations -- until now. Some examples are dragons, griffens, unicorns, centaurs, and satyrs."

    Note that the examples given are just that, examples. There are no constraints to classical mythology. Anything that has "never existed, except in our imaginations" is a suitable species. That includes legendary, as well as mythological. There are no requirements past the transformation into either a vanished or mythological species.

    There are no requirements as to how the actual transformation is to take place. I suggest magical means for the mythological and technological means for the vanished, but either is acceptable. However, once a magical/technological means is established for any species, it should continue to be the means of transformation into that species. The first story to transform a major character shall set up the rules governing those species. For example, in my original story, magic was used to transform my protagonist into a centaur. Magical means should be employed in all subsequent transformations into centaurs. Also, the centaurs were described as a herd and harem-keeping species. Essentially this means more females then males are needed.

    Stories may employ other species as supporting extras without providing or setting up rules for their future usage, when they have not been previously defined. Previously defined species must act/react as they have been defined. An example is the mermaid receptionist Margie in the original story. Even though, Margie was originally a male (or so it was said), there is nothing in the story to infer what mermaids are like.