I used to request that people asked permission before posting these stories to web sites, mailing lists, newsgroups and so on. Most people did, which was nice. I discovered a couple of things, though, as I did a trawl through altavista, looking for references to myself. (Tell me you've never done it!)

The first was that a few people had posted stories to web sites without asking.

The second was that I wasn't upset.

Let me see if I can explain this. When I was a much younger pervert I had dreams of becoming a professional writer. The problem was that I didn't write enough to get myself up to a professional standard and I kept having major crises of confidence. A few small press magazines published stuff under my real name, which felt kind of good at the time, but realistically I knew that I'd never really make it. I gave up writing altogether for a long time.

When I finally got myself on-line (embarrassingly late for an IT bod) I discovered the world of transformation and transgender fiction and fell in love with the whole scene. There were so many talented writers out there telling the kinds of stories I had only heard in my head at night, with the lights turned low.

Within a month I had hundreds of stories archived on my hard drive. I read them compulsively, creating directory structures to help me classify them and find my favourites. It became a real lifeline for me, as I'd felt for so long that there couldn't be anyone else out there as sick and twisted as myself.

After a few months of subscribing to the TSA talk and the original TG fiction mailing lists, I began to feel uncomfortable. While it was quite satisfying taking what I wanted, I couldn't shake off the feeling that I should be giving something back to the community. I knew I could write, and had enough stories with transformational themes kicking around in my head.

In the end I came up with a pseudonym that amused me and started writing and posting stories to the lists. I even put together a web site to archive them. Out of interest, I put a hit counter on the original web site, and was stunned at the number of hits I got. Between them, and the distribution my stories got on the mailing lists and other sites, my stories were reaching hundreds of times more people than the magazines that once printed them. I still can't describe how this made me feel.

The reason I started writing in the first place wasn't that I felt I was a born writer. It certainly wasn't to make money. It was because I wanted to try to make other people feel the same kind of sense of excitement and wonder that I've felt over the years when reading the stories that I've loved. More to the point, I wanted to be the one doing it to them. I suppose it's an ego thing. Just because I hide behind a mask doesn't mean I don't have an ego.

By letting these stories end up where others would put them, maybe I can reach more people than I'd ever dreamed possible.

The point of all this is that the stories on this site are freely distributable in any form. I don't care if you put them in a pay site or fanzine or repost them to usenet. They are officially literary freeware. The only things I ask are that you credit me as the author and that you don't change the text of the stori. Anything else goes.

Oh yeah. If you like them, please write and tell me.

I told you I had an ego.