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I'm really sick and tired of this

Episode submitted by Hikaru on Wed Mar 9 09:07:59 2011
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It's been going for at least a year, probably more. My posts are getting constantly rated down to 7. If you look at the last 20 days and sort by rating you can see that they're all in a clump, and anything lower (or even a bit higher) almost always has grammar and/or formatting errors (and the few that don't tend to be obvious unpopular fetishes). The chapters that scored 7 are all 1 vote each, and the ones that got higher that I followed mostly started at 7.

Not to mention cases in the past where someone could reuse a post of mine with a few changed lines and get a higher rating as long as it doesn't have my name on it. Or that I got 3 10's recently--not because the posts were exceptionally good, but because they were in Altered Fates and obviously whoever is giving me the 7's doesn't read Altered Fates. (Expect to see me get a lot of 7's in Altered Fates now that I've posted this.) Also, the 7's are astonishingly uniform--I'd expect that if I got those ratings out of a concern with quality, I'd be getting a distribution that centered at 7, not exactly 7 almost all the time.

The whole rating system needs to be scrapped; it's too easy for one person with a vendetta to mess it up.

Everyone messes it up

seven is bad?

Rating 8.50 (2 votes)
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