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Nothingsp does great characterization

Episode submitted by Weirdoid on Thu Mar 17 14:54:51 2011
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A friend wanted me to add to a part of the mythic branch, not a branch I normally read due to it not being my TF tastes (got a lot of ideas reading it though). But by reading it I discovered that the author Nothingsp does GREAT characterization. He is one of the few people who I seen who can make the characters feel human. Never once did his Sarah, Zoe, Athena, or Mikey feel out of place but at the same time they felt more three dimensional and like real people than I ever seen before. (the only thing that felt a bit off was Zoe playing a harp, in part because i never seen a harp in a school band, in part it seems too stereotypically angelic an instrument for Zoe). His characters felt alive. Ironic how it takes an arc where people become animals to make characters feel human.

I don't think I will go out of my way to seek out his posts (different TF tastes and all) but I DO appreciate their quality. He writes the characters true to themselves but without making them feel like personality stereotypes.


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