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Episode submitted by Area82 on Mon May 2 00:26:46 2011
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I'm finally to the point where I am currently working on the transformation of the Magical Girl Number One, but the plot behind it is a bit tricky to deal with, so it might take a while. So, I wonder if it might be okay to slow down the pace a bit. Hopefully it shouldn't take too long, but I thought you all should know that I'm working on it.

Afterward, I'll deal with the last moment with Mrs. Crawford and Trident, and maybe touch a little bit more on Nadine, then I'll give the story a rest for a while (until the story reached pass the weekend). I like the story, but I thinking about working on other stories beside the Iridescent Sun's story. I am interest to play with the Silver Sun's story a bit and add some interesting elements to it.



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