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Iridescent Sun- Agent Hawkins' character

Episode submitted by Greeman on Thu Jun 16 01:47:16 2011
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Hi,I've recently gotten caught up in the Iridescent Sun story, I love it, and I hope I can make some quality contribute to it. I've been really busy with work the past week or so, so I haven't been able to keep up for a little while.

I'm grateful to see you guys using Hawkins in your posts, but there's a few things I'd like to clarify about his character and motives.

First, he isn't really looking to get the Magical Girls to "work for him". He's mainly intent on investigating the situation and finding out just what the hell is going on. Once he gets a grasp of things, he probably will want to work with them, but he isn't planning on "acquiring them" as it were.

He's acting according to his own guidelines. The up-till-now nebulous nature of his department and the general confusion regarding the Sun-incident has allowed him to act with a degree of personal discretion. If I'm making any sense.

Basically, he's not just some Government big-brother guy trying to get control of things.

Personality wise, he's rather zen-like, being pretty implacable as you've noticed. He is inquisitive, professional, polite and absurdly patient. I was actually counting on him not being placed anywhere else, and revealing he'd just sat down somewhere in the Police Office waiting all night for confirmation for his partner to take pictures.

He's mysterious, and tends to monologue internally a lot like something out of a comic book. Importantly, Hawkins has a strong morality to him, and will likely try to help as many people as he can along his investigations. On that note I was going to ask if it was okay if I had him meet Toby and his family (what's their last name again?), and take a look into their unique problem. i.e. their personalities slowly being overwritten.

I've already got a few ideas about how things could work out.

If you have any objections I'll put a hold on that idea immediately.



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